What is the Best Temperature for my Vaporizer?

  Vaporizers made for consuming cannabis have completely changed the smoking game, letting cannabis smokers everywhere have a more portable, discrete method of taking a toke. However, most users do not understand just how important the temperature of their vape contributes to whatever specific high they are looking for. It really does contribute more than … Read More

How to enjoy cannabis without smoking

Although the most popular way to enjoy marijuana is by smoking, there have always been other ways to get high. In the past few years, technology has improved such that marijuana lovers now have the chance to use it in different ways. Just because you like smoking cannabis doesn’t mean that there are are no … Read More

Different Ways of Smoking Weed

Weed a.k.a. cannabis is an exceptional plant. Every stoner from whichever part of the world will tell you this. Probably the best gift from the creator. Talk about its magnificent highness levels to its powers of fixing anxiety issues, raising self-esteem as well as increasing performance especially in sports and workouts. But smoking is not … Read More