5 Weed Smoking Accessories Stoner’s Can’t Live Without

Smoking Accessories

There are a thousand and one reasons you should smoke weed everyday. I mean, apart from the several health benefits that have been revealed by researches, more countries are getting on the movement to legalize marijuana.

But here’s the thing, the kind of smoking accessories you have by your side can make or mar your chances of getting a clean hit. And it’s not just about quantity. What do you really need?

Here are 5 must have smoking accessories for every stoner.


They come in different shapes, sizes and colors so you take your pick. What do these bad boys do? They give you freedom. Yeah, freedom to blaze anywhere and anytime.

Seriously, if you wouldn’t want your mum discovering you’re responsible for the house being engulfed in all that smoke, you should blow away with air filters. And if you’re in the hostel, the porter shouldn’t know there’s a stoner in the building, so get yourself some air filters.

Have a look at some other benefits of getting a filter.

  • They pick up immediate smoke residue. You wouldn’t have to worry about cleaning up tar yourself. They take in smoke, absorb the odor and release clean air. And that’s the mechanism that keeps you in a no smoke building for years.
  • It’s easy to get confused when deciding on a filter. But, here’s what you should know, the air filter you’re getting should be able to get rid of smoke and that includes the particles that form the odor.

Screens or filters are definetely great addition to your pipes or bongs.

Stash Boxes or Tins

You need to keep your pot away from prying eyes. You’re dealing with weed here, remember? Apart from being one of nature’s greatest gift to man, it’s also a plant, a herb. So it can deteriorate when exposed to excessive light, heat or moisture. And trust me, nothing keeps your weed safe round the clock like stash boxes.

What’s not to love? Your overly inquisitive roommate wouldn’t know there’s weed somewhere around. Depending on the shape and color you buy, you can admire these little safe houses while blowing away. Definitely every stoner’s dream.

Here are features some stash boxes come with.

  • A grinder. You wouldn’t need to get a separate one if your stash box comes with it. They give you a great mash. Nice 2 in 1 you may say.
  • A child resistant cap. It’s bad enough to get caught having weed lying around the room. And even worse to keep it exposed to those little under 18s. So, the cap on the stash box would keep it out of their reach.

Not satisfied? Look at more advantages of getting one.

  • They’re airtight. Weed smell can give it away. But what do these boxes do? They absorb it all, locking the smell in.  Stash boxes are waterproof. You don’t want wet weed. It ruins the experience, so get a box that keeps it dry, even under the rain!

These cans keep your weed fresh. There’s no reason not to get one.

Cleaners and Brushes

Call it bong cleaners or even grinder cleaners if you like. And forget it. You’re not going to get a good hit from a dirty bong. No one does!

There are several cleaning solutions out there. Alcohol, vinegar, salt you name it. So don’t go for one with a bad taste. Watch out for some of the chemicals on sale also. Some of them would make breathing difficult for you.

Brushes are to help you access very narrow areas. Yeah, if you don’t want anything broken, those are the tools to use. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, see why you need to get cleaners and brushes in your accessory pack.

  • You get the best flavors. Dirt in the bongs tends to run your flavors and some of them get sticky. They would get to those tough zones and get your bong neat again.  
  • Cleaners reduce the time taken to get a perfect hit. The clogged resins in your bongs don’t want that.

Whatever cleaners and brushes you’re using, stick to the instructions. Heating up a cleaning solution above a particular temperature could leave you with a broken bong. And no stoner wants that.


You need a container for the ash your weed is generating. That’s because if it gets on the floor or carpet, you’d have a hard time getting it off. An ashtray gets that job done!

They are made of different materials, metal, plastic, even glass. These materials are fire and heat resistant. Don’t ask, those ashes can start a fire. And if you’re smoking indoors, it gets more interesting, you’d be needing smokeless ashtrays. Are there any gains of getting one? You can bet they are.

  • They’re hard. It means you wouldn’t be buying any new one every week. We all make mistakes. You can accidentally push them over while taking a hit. That is no problem because these containers are made to take all that pounding.

Smokeless ashtrays keep the odors locked in when you’re indoors. There’s no need overemphasizing things, just get an ashtray and watch the magic for yourself.


Something’s going to start the fire, right? You need a lighter to light up the place(pun intended!) You don’t want to get to a sweet spot out there and discover you’re without light.

The industry is an advanced one, so lighters now come in different shades. Here are some features you should expect to see.

  • Soft flame and Jet flame lighters. You may have seen more of the traditional soft flame lighters. The jet flame is what you get on torch lighters. Torch lighters are wind resistant, so you should get them if you’re an outdoor smoker. You can go for any of them if you’d be smoking indoors.
  • Two flames. When it comes to lighter flames, more is always better. It significantly reduces the time it takes your weed to light.

Hey! Don’t think about using a candle to light up your weed. It’d mess the flavor. Leave that to the lighters. Get one, that’s what they were made for.

Weed smoking accessories contribute and improve the experience. You don’t want to ruin that. You want to get a smooth hit everyday? Start by getting these accessories.

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