Fab CBD Review

Fab CBD Review

Why do we choose CBD?

A friend once told me that my mood keeps getting worse no matter what I do.

Back then, I was under heavy antidepressants and trying to get to a point where I could communicate with people.

Most people close to me know that I’ve been struggling with depression for quite a long time. No matter where I looked, it felt like I was facing a dead end.

I decided to try CBD the day I realized I’ve hit rock-bottom and prescribed medicines have failed to deliver the results.

Fab CBD was among the first brands I tried, and to this day it hasn’t disappointed. They’ve kept their catalog short, but they’ve always focused on giving us quality products that I still live by today.

But, will Fab CBD products be best CBD oil for anxiety, visit cannabis radar to know more & Let’s go over my experiences and see if we can find the answer to that question.

About Fab CBD

Fab CBD started out with a mission to help people in need and they’ve been doing it before the time CBD came into the mainstream. When owners start their company with a goal to help their mothers and grandmothers, you know they will keep to their promise of producing quality products.

The guys who run Fab CBD have been in the health sector for more than two decades, so it wouldn’t be too ridiculous to believe they know what they’re doing.

Fab CBD is made for the health of people who suffer from ailments like depression, anxiety, stress, and bodily pain. Does it work? Well, take a look at some of the company’s core features to know.

Features of CBD from Fab CBD

CO2 Extraction

Fab only uses solvent-free CO2 extraction method to manufacture their products. This is a relatively new process that is being used by many CBD companies and it maintains the essence of hemp plants. With the industry-leading manufacturing process, you get nothing but quality throughout.

100% Organic

The hemp used for manufacturing CBD oil is 100% organically grown in the farms of Colorado and contain pesticides, herbicides, and other synthetic chemicals. So, there is no question of getting substandard products for your money.

Third-party tested

The phrase “third-party tested” gets thrown around a lot, but how many companies actually mean what they say? Fab CBD does! ProVerde Laboratories provides testing and consulting services to the company to ensure optimum potency and purity.

Full-spectrum extracts

Since the company offers full-spectrum extracts, you get all the goodies such as flavonoids and terpenes along with CBD.

Only trace amounts on THC

Worried about getting high or testing positive on a drug test? Don’t be because Fab CBD oil contains only trace amount of THC (less than 0.03%). This brand is dedicated to bringing you the best experience possible.

Review of Fab CBD Products

#1 Fab CBD Oil Drops

Fab CBD Topical Review

My natural first choice was, of course, the CBD oil drops from Fab. I heard good things about them, and it was time to give it a shot. For the curious, these products come in four different volumes at moderately attractive prices. They are:

150 mg for $ 39
300 mg for $ 59
600 mg for $ 79
1200 mg for $ 129
So, as you can see, the bigger bottle you buy, the more you stand a chance to save. However, I decided to go for the 50-milligram bottle anyway since it was my first purchase. I also chose the natural flavor to see how it tasted before trying out any other variety.

I cut out all antidepressants a week prior to testing to see how Fab CBD oil works. And I must say, I was not disappointed with the results.

How to use and dosage

The company doesn’t provide exact guidelines for dosage, probably because CBD acts differently on different people. What they do say is one can consume the CBD oil sublingually by holding under the tongue for 60 to 90 seconds and then swallowing. And that’s what I did.

I started with two drops before going to bed at night and didn’t feel the need to increase. If you don’t like the taste of organic CBD, feel free to mix the drops with honey, applesauce, or anything sweet. FYI: this CBD oil is NOT to be vaped.

How was my experience?

The patience paid off after three days from the time I first tried out Fab CBD oil. I was wondering if I should increase the dosage or take it two times a day, but it proved to be unnecessary. From third day onward, I not only started sleeping better but also felt happier, more energetic after waking up.

And you have no idea how hard it is to get happy mornings when you have crippling depression. The happy times continued for close to a month and it allowed me to have better productivity at office and enjoy quality time with the family, which is something I miss a lot on my depression bouts.

But after a month, it appeared as if the effects started slowing down a bit. Could I have built up a tolerance? Thankfully, it was not the case, because the effects started becoming apparent again after 4 days. Overall, I have no regrets. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to try CBD for the first time.

Is Fab CBD Oil Drops worth it?

Absolutely! For beginners and regular users alike, Fab CBD oil should be a good choice for treating stress, anxiety, and depression. But don’t take it as a promise from my side. CBD has variable effects, after all.

#2 Fab CBD Muscle and Joint Topical

Fab CBD Muscle and Joint Topical Review

I wanted to try this product solely to check its potency. I have always had stiff back problems from sitting long hours at the desk which had developed into a chronic irksome ache, over time. I had initially come across this cream while purchasing my bottle of Fab CBD Oil and wished to test it.

The standard jar contains 600 mg of CBD infused with ingredients like cocoa butter, aloe vera, Vitamin E, chamomile, and blood orange essential oil.

How to use and dosage

You can use this cream like any other regular cream. Take a little amount of the product on your fingers and apply it directly to the affected areas.

How was my experience?

I must say that the Fab CBD Muscle and Joint Topical turned out to be a decent purchase. It worked really fast and gave some impressive results within the very first week of its usage.

I had used it on the very same night that I had bought it. My wife helped me out with the application, gently massaging it from my neck to the lower back. I slept really well.

My back muscles had loosened up quite a bit. I woke up feeling relaxed and refreshed. My body felt at ease even after a couple hours into my work routine. My wife had also tried out the cream on an ankle sprain she sustained recently and was greatly benefitted from it.

Is Fab CBD Muscle and Joint Topical worth it?

I would say that it is a potent product and the claims are justified to a good extent. It is a good pain reliever for your muscles and joints that provides quick relief and has anti-inflammatory properties.

But, make sure that you aren’t allergic to any of the ingredients in the product. This is purely for external purposes.

#3 Fab CBD Chews

Fab CBD Chews Review

I tried out the Fab CBD Chews only recently. Although I had been satisfied with the Fab CBD Oil which worked quite nicely on my anxiety attacks and insomnia, I thought the chews would be a fun way to take my daily dosage of CBD. I had come across a few positive reviews about it online and finally decided to give it a go.

The product comes in a 750 mg jar with 25 mg of CBD in each chew. It comes in delicious fruit flavours. It is 100% THC free, vegan, organic and non-GMO. It also has a low sugar content.

It really was one of the most enjoyable CBD experiences for me till date.

How to use and dosage

You can take the chews any time you want, like you would pop any regular candy. This is a very convenient way of having your CBD dose, on the go.  

How was my experience?

I had a fair experience with the Fab CBD Chews. I had popped one, the day I purchased the product. I liked the taste and it was a fun feeling.

It did lessen the heaviness in my head that is usually there all of the time, but not to a great extent, on that very day. I took my time to experiment with it. The chews were able to take the edge off pretty well, but not as quickly as compared to the oil.

Overall, I felt that the chews took about 1-1.5 weeks to really show effects. By the end of 2 whole weeks I could say that it worked well to keep my anxiety at bay. The sleep pattern also remained sorted. It also helped with my wife’s migraine problems when she tried it out for herself.

Are the Fab CBD Chews worth it?

The chews, in my opinion, are a good product. This saves you the hassle of measuring out your CBD doses. It is fun and toothsome.

But, compared to the oil, it takes time to kick in. But when it does, you’re left with a pleasant experience. It’s worth a shot in my opinion if you’re looking for something casual and tasty.

Where to Buy Fab CBD products?

You can shop for your Fab CBD products on their official website pretty easily. The company offers free shipping all over USA on orders of $89 or more. Also, if you’re looking to get a full refund of your product purchase price, the returned product must reach within 30 days of purchase.

Disclaimer: Guys, I write these blogs to tell you about my experience using variety of  CBD products. Under no circumstances are you to take my words as medical advice. My goal here is to lead you to a better life. If you believe CBD is not working for you as intended, please see a qualified medical professional.

Final words

Fab CBD didn’t turn out to be a fluke. And I’m glad the brand lived up to everything I had hoped. If you’re just venturing into the world of CBD, I’d say you should first try the CBD oil as it is the most potent. For bodily pain, the Muscle and Join Topical also works quite well.

So, did you decide what to choose yet? Let me know in the comments section below.