What is the Best Temperature for my Vaporizer?


What is the Best Temperatur for my Vaporizer

Vaporizers made for consuming cannabis have completely changed the smoking game, letting cannabis smokers everywhere have a more portable, discrete method of taking a toke. However, most users do not understand just how important the temperature of their vape contributes to whatever specific high they are looking for. It really does contribute more than usual conceptions, and what temperature you should be vaping on depends on a lot of factors.

All vaporizers are a simple battery that heats an atomizer container that houses a coil, but they can be used with dry herb, wax, oil, and e-juice depending on the atomizer. The temperature setting that is ideal for each product will be different due to many factors that you’ll find out about in detail below.

Best Temperature for Dry Herb Vaporizer

Best Temperature for Dry Herb Vaporizer

Across the board, dry herb vaporizers are the most popular vapes for cannabis.  They can vary in size and shape, but all have some sort of temperature control mechanism that allows you to adjust the oven to your liking.

Finding the best temperature to hit your ground cannabis product in the vaporizer depends on many factors. Since the different active compounds in cannabis activate at different temperatures, you should probably put your settings at around 410 degrees Fahrenheit or start with the lowest setting available. However, this is a very general temperature and you should adjust it further after trying a couple hits.

The effectiveness of temp control on dry herb depends greatly on things like grind quality, strain and compound levels, freshness, and quality of the plant itself. The grind quality of the cannabis will make it pack differently, and the tighter the pack the more temperature you will probably need to burn through it. The freshness and quality of the bud will determine how quickly it burns as well, as dry and less dense product will result in burning much quicker.

The best recommendation is to start with the lowest setting on the vaporizer and work your way up to find the temperature that best suits your product. This basic starting temp will provide you with tasty flavors and a lighter cloud while turning it up to around 430 will begin to start producing a much bolder vapor flavor.

You will quickly discover that the many variables of your product affect what temperature to use, and you can use the listed tips to help you find that sweet spot.

Best Temperature for Wax Vaporizer

Wax vaporizer pens are a portable, discreet way to consume cannabis extracts on-the-go or for maximizing the value of your cannabis experience.  These vaporizers can vary in the temperature control department, as the models often have different parts as well as price points. The temperature control on most wax vapes is operated by the voltage selection.

Most vape pens for wax use coils that can have different heating times, such as ceramic dish coils which heat up slowly, which can be a plus for saving product and maximizing efficiency. On the other hand, quartz coils heat up very quickly, which can be preferable for some to skip the technicalities and just get a great big hit.

Many people like to turn their wax vapes up to around 500 degrees for big clouds and a much harsher hit. Hitting a wax pen at higher temperatures are preferable for some people, as they produce harsh but effective hits that certainly get the job done. On the other hand, some people prefer a temperature closer to 410-420 degrees for a vape they can puff on slowly. Higher temperatures will also produce a strong hit full of all the cannabinoids and produce a significant amount of vapor, which is preferable for some, while others may prefer to use a lower temp vape that they can hit for an extended period of time to get the most optimal flavoring.

Best Temperature for Oil Vaporizer

Oil vaporizers usually operate the same as wax vaporizers, so the choice really comes down to preference and mechanical capabilities. Most oil vape pens simply use variable voltage to boost or lower temperature, so finding the right coil and playing around with the settings starting on low is the ideal option.

However, since a lot of medical patients use oil vapes due to their often-preloaded atomizers, you may want to perfect your consumption for whatever ailment you aim to ease or simple buzz you seek. If you do have an oil vape that has dedicated temperature control, you can burn your vaporizer at a minimum of 350-360 degrees to maintain a CBD-based high. Around 392 degrees will vaporize all THC, but will also provide adequate levels of terpenes and cannabinoids. As for the other cannabinoids that you might be seeking, the anticonvulsant CBN burns off at around 365 degrees and the anxiety-relieving CBC at around 428 degrees. The appetite-suppressing, anxiety-assisting, bone-growing cannabinoid THC is usually burned off at temperatures above 410 degrees.

If you are a medical patient searching for the perfect solution for your medical issue, temperature control can help you get exactly the kind of high you need. Using the information on burning levels above and playing around with temperature settings will provide you with the vape experience you need. Even if you simply want to try to hone in on that specific high you need, these temperatures will assist you.

Best Temperature for Box Mod

Box mods are probably going to be the most flexible out of these options and can be used with dry herbs, oil and wax vaporizers. Most box mods have come to include dedicated temperature control which can help you fine-tune the exact temperature rather than playing around with wattage, similarly to the system that dry herb vaporizers include.

Using a temperature-controlled box mod with an oil or wax vaporizers depends heavily on what coil is used, just like the classic dome 18650 batteries that usually come with these vaporizers. You may also need to use a specific kind of coil made of either nickel or titanium to use the temperature control features that box mods are frequently including.

If you can’t utilize the dedicated temperature control option, the best thing to do is to just start with a low wattage setting and try turning it up as needed. If you are consuming wax with your box mod, setting it at 20-25 watts is like taking a dab from a portable dab rig pen.

Box mods can be very useful for fine-tuning your high, especially with dedicated temperature control features. However, the world of dedicated temp control can be hard to grasp at the beginning, so they luckily function pretty much the same as any other variable wattage mod used for vaping as well. Play around with it, and see what works best for you! Starting at 10 watts on a box mod is always a good call, so you ensure the connection won’t destroy your product or coil.

High Temperature vs Low Temperature

All in all, it really comes down to the basic concepts of high temperature and low temperature when first deciding what you’re looking for. Let’s recap what specific characteristics that change based off temperature, so you can take that first step in finding out if you need a little or a lot of vapes.

Vapor Production

High-temp vapes tend to produce very large, visible clouds versus vapes on low-temp settings, which produce much lighter amounts of vapor. High temperatures are better for giant rips, and low temperatures are better for stealth vaping. Low-temp is often considered to be around 375 degrees and high-temp is usually considered to be around 420 degrees and above. 

Heat-Up Time

Depending on your coils, using a high-temp vape can heat your coils very quickly, which can wear them down quicker and use your product much faster. Oil and wax vapes often spit when heated up too fast.  Lower temperatures will allow for the coils to heat up slower and you may need to draw harder to get the vapor. You may also burn your product if you start too high, while lower temperatures allow the heating elements to properly distribute heat and decrease burning or spitting.

Organic Compound Temperatures

You might miss out on some wanted cannabinoids if you vape at a low temp, and high temps will always ensure you are getting all the CBDs, CBGs, and THC’s you need if it doesn’t toast the product. Finding what high you want usually starts in the middle around 410 degrees. Higher temperatures can also often burn off more than you want to, especially if you’re just looking for those lower-temp cannabinoids.


Higher temperatures will vape off everything you need quickly and probably more efficiently than nursing a low-temp vape for cannabinoid effectiveness. However, lower temps are ideal for stealth situations or for longer toking sessions. Across the board, higher temperatures are more generally effective for achieving your high, but lower temps allow for more control over your high.


Obviously, higher temperatures will produce more vapor and thus taste very potent. However, low-temp vaping allows you to taste all the compounds and terpenes as they are slowly released. You will certainly taste a large, potent cloud of vapor, but low-temps allow you to enjoy the taste much more, over a longer period.

How to Choose the Right Temperature

Using the information provided above, you should be able to find the perfect setting for whatever your needs are. Remember to incorporate all variables when selecting your temperature, and always start low to ensure you don’t destroy your product or coil. The temperature you need will rely on the type of vaporizer and its quality, the capabilities of your vape, and what specific experience you are looking for. It is always a good general rule that the higher the temperature the hotter and thicker the vapor will be and vice versa.

Finding the right temperature obviously requires some effort and research, but over time you will develop your preferences and start to fine-tune the high you want. Use the resources in this article to help yourself find the hot, billowing smokestack or ghost-like disappearing vape cloud you desire.

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