PurKratom Review

Purkratom Review

The first thing you’ll hear from a loyal PurKratom customer is the high-quality powder with a promise to keep you on a long leash for some time.

Organic enhancements are the latest trend that alternates opiates intake. Purkratom is a unique extract that makes its users get tranced in happiness and tranquility. Though considered as a medicinal herb, some users love it for its healing charms that eliminate excruciating pain and cure acute depression. That is what people say, or claim to have experienced.

My opinion? I decided to write a detailed Purkratom review to reveal its healing powers and other users’ experiences with this vendor.

Like most Katrom vendors, Purkatrom sells online. The vendor delivers the products in the US and around the world, except regions under strict legislation.

My PurKratom Review

If you have tried other Kratom strains, then you know what you’re looking for. Otherwise, you’ll waste a lot of resources trying out different products to no end. PurKratom has proven itself as a “stayer” in the market. As with most online businesses, a value-addition product sells itself, and I think these guys have weathered the storm with their creative packaging and a mix up of dope Katrom strains. As a tried-and-tested product, here is my honest Purkratom review.

It is no secret that Purkratom is rapidly gaining ground on the internet as a reliable Kratom vendor. Purkratom comes from “Mitragyna speciosa,” a medicinal plant, popularly referred to as Kratom. (This is pretty basic info) but there’s always a new user with each review.

Purkratom herb uses various strains to efficiently treat troubled conditions of the mind such as depression, panic attacks, and anxiety. Most users prefer the favorite Kratom Capsules used as painkillers, or ecstasy pills (evidenced by sales records with this vendor). The popular Katrom strain is readily available over the counter in the US and in some countries where Kratom legally sells as a herbal remedy. (PurKratom does not sell  as a medicinal herb)

PurKratom Market Share Reviews

First of all these guys came to the market and immediately received a hearty welcome with soaring sales. Their product must have tasted so good to achieve this instant success. (Probably laced with honey), just kidding. But seriously, Purkratom took the market by storm.

The website launched a little over a year ago, and they managed a sky-high ranking because of the effectiveness and reliability of their product. Purkratom operates from Florida; it is expected to sell insanely as the city in the sun never sleeps and people in Florida love life more than life itself. I mean the nightlife is crazy, and happiness takes precedence over anything else, I presume. 

Purkratom sources its products directly from South East Asia, where it is organically grown and semi-processed. 

Another innovative strategy I found cool with Purkratom is that they have cleverly packaged their products according to the named strain, for instance, the Green Malay strain comes in an attractive green/white pack while the Red Malay comes in a bright red/white package.

Available PurKratom Strains



This vendor does not provide a variety of products, but from what I have researched, their limited herbs sells like hotcake, which means it is an authentic product and their clients love it.

In a nutshell, Purkratom sells;

  1. White Maeng Da
  2. Green Maeng Da
  3. Ultra Enhanced Indo 
  4. Premium Bali
  5. White Sumatra
  6. Green Vein Indo

Purkratom sells the powder and capsule products which are accessible on their website, so the vendor mainly sells these two products.

PurKratom Pros

High-Quality Katrom Strains

Purkratom came in with a bang. Sales skyrocketed from the get-go. The vendor understood what he was selling and ensured his Kratom was original and produced right in the heart of South East Asia.

Cool Packaging

Purkratom products come in colorful packs matched with the product name. This is such an attractive way to lure buyers, besides the usual effects promised on the small print at the bottom of each product.

Fast Delivery

With such a swell product, you want to ensure your client doesn’t ring thousand times demanding a refund for unwarranted delays. These guys are swift in shipping, fast and friendly.

The blog

While their competitors push for products and paste so many colorful pictures and endless offer banners, Purkratom has a side dish for their regular clients. A specialized Kratom blog linked to their main website.

The vendor posts regular Kratom resources to their customers and potential customers so that they can buy from an informed choice.

I find this quite helpful because customers get a feel for what they’re about to buy, as opposed to a two-line review of the products as done by other vendors. I think it’s terrific that Purkratom cares to educate their customers before and after the purchase. It is a creative way to retain their regular clients.

What I Didn’t Like

Limited Products

Only sells Kratom in capsules and powder form.

Uncertified Kratom

The Purkratom site has a disclaimer which plainly announces that their product is not evaluated by FDA (Food and Drug Administration). This is an honest revelation, but it’s only prudent that they seek a license to sell an authentic product. I find this grossly mishandled and unprofessional.

PurKratom does not sell its products to under-aged clients, below twenty-one years.

Medicinal Disclaimer

While Kratom is famous for its healing traits, Purkratom categorically states that they do not sell it for its medicinal values. It is common knowledge that Kratom dramatically reduces pain and in some cases cures depression. So the big question is what exactly do they sell? A feel-good drug?

Placing an Order

I had to create an account to make a purchase. I followed through with the registration process and secured an account. Once logged in, PurKratom displayed their products for me to take a look and select my preferred preference.

All the products are visibly labeled along with features and price. They only have powder and capsules Kratom.

PurKratom Powder is available in one pack size – 28 grams. A user can buy a maximum of 9 packs in one order.

PurKratom Capsules also available in one packing size, packaged in 50 capsules per pack for all strains. Each Purkratom tablet contains 500 mg Kratom powder. One can order up to nine packs per purchase.

Shipment Procedures

Purkratom has a same day shipping policy for all ordered products. All the same day orders are received from Monday to Friday before 3 pm EST, and a follow up tracking email once a shipment is sent out.  

I got mine after roughly 36 hours. Not bad, considering I made the order from out of State (Vendor in Florida).

All inland shipments are free without any specific order limits. (As you know one can only order up to 9 items in a single purchase).

Alternative Marketing

PurKratom offers affiliation network strategy for its loyal customers as a marketing tool to generate clients to its website. Successful affiliate marketers receive a commission for driving sales.

Any Return Policy?

Purkratom offers a 30-day return policy on all faulty products from the date of purchase. Client bears the cost of sending the product back to the vendor. Once the rejected product arrives, the company sends a full refund to the client.

Payment Options

PurKratom accepts multiple payment options such as Credit cards, Debit Visa/Master cards, and Discover Network. Currently, their credit card transactions may not go through due to technical errors which they promise to fix soon.


PurKratom is dope; you should try it. Although the market is currently saturated with thousands of Kratom variations, I don’t feel particularly loyal to any specific vendor. Nevertheless, when a good supplier shows up, I make sure what they offer is worth my time and money. This is one of them. I hope my PurKratom review gave you enough info worthy of your time.

Happy Kratom hunting!

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