How Long Does Kratom Last Inside Your System?

How Long Does Kratom Last

I was doubtful when I had first heard about Kratom. I was suffering from great mental stress and not being able to sleep for the good chunk of my life destroyed my hope. I thought Kratom would have just been another runt of failures among the many things I had tried to calm myself.

But I was wrong, when I first tried taking it, for once in my life I felt at peace. For once I felt like everything was okay.

I couldn’t explain the emotions I felt at that moment, but it truly made me feel like crying. After eight long years of being stressed out to the brink of giving up, for once I felt free.

So I decided to do my research. To my surprise, Kratom was actually still very new to this type of world. I have read many reviews by now of the wonderful things it has done for people, me included.

So here I am doing my best to reach out to those in pain or distress. If by any means you might think Kratom may be sketchy, allow me to tell you all the wonders I realized from experience:

  • Calming and Soothing effect
  • Uplifts the user’s mood
  • Pain Reliever
  • Increases blood flow
  • Fights anxiety, and more

Much like any alternative medicine out there, it is best that we learn as much information about it, so that we may become responsible and smart when we decide to use it.

Today we will be tackling how long does Kratom last after taking it, and all the possible factors that could affect thereof.

How Long do the Effects of Kratom Stay in the Body?

Kratom Lasts

While it may seem scary at first not to know the possible effects it may have on your body, rest assured that all of these are acting to help and heal you.

After taking Kratom, you have to take into account a lot of factors before you can find out when you are going to start feeling any of the effects. On an average, the effects may begin to take place as soon as 10 – 30 minutes after the ingestion of Kratom.

While dosages vary and manner of ingestion do too, the effects can last for as short as 4 hours and as long as 8 hours after you begin to feel them. This leads us to the question; what are the factors that affect the duration of Kratom’s effects?

When Does Kratom Finally Leave the Body’s System?

From my own experience and from others that have detailed their journeys online, Kratom can last for as short as 2 days and as long as 9 days (a little bit over a week) inside the system.

Several factors also come into play when discussing the duration it remains inside the body. Knowing these is your safest bet towards responsible use.

So how long does Kratom last? Here are the culprits of its lessened or extended lifespan:

Metabolism – Everyone’s metabolism is unique and varies greatly from one another. Some have the courtesy of administering such a fast metabolism. Others can hold a modest so-so speed of metabolism, while some have metabolisms that are very slow.

Like any medicine you take, which of course includes Kratom, metabolism dictates how quick or slow the body takes to break downs its elements.

Age – Machines require maintenance and upgrades as time goes by because parts become old and unfit.

Much like us humans, as we age, our bodily functions move in a manner similar to the years we have under our belt. As more time passes, the body becomes weaker and slower in a myriad of areas. An example of this is renal function.This in turn greatly affects how long Kratom lasts in the body.

Genetics – There are certain genes and enzymes passed down that affect how fast Kratom is removed from the system.

Fats – Body fat also plays a crucial role in finding out how long Kratom lasts before it can be considered 100% gone from the body. The mitragynine found in Kratom is recognized by the body as fat and can be stored along as fat with all the others.

A higher body fat percentage will make it harder for you to release and excrete Kratom as quick as you would have wanted it to.

Food and Water – Like most medicines, Kratom is usually taken with something else to cancel out the bitter flavor while still maintaining the benefits.

With Kratom’s bitter aftertaste, it is no surprise that it is usually taken with a meal or a drink. Meals high in fat though may lead to faster absorption, which could make the peak effects come sooner.

On the other hand, liquids such as water help determine how soon Kratom is released from the body through urine.

Dosage – Of course a higher dosage of Kratom will surely alter how long Kratom lasts in your system. A higher amount will take a longer time to be absorbed, to peak, and to be excreted from the body.

Frequent large intakes of Kratom will also lead to their elimination. This takes even longer as the body begins to adapt to its effects.

These are just some of the things that affect how long Kratom lasts inside your system before it is removed, so in likewise matter, make sure to use Kratom as best you can.

I have also learned from experience that medications may also affect how long they last, but each is different and we can never know to what extent until tried and tested by professionals. It is in your best interest to keep these in mind when deciding to use Kratom.

How Will Your Usage of Kratom Fair in Drug Tests?

Kratom Blood Test

A lot of people tend to perceive that Kratom will not be seen in drug tests. While for the most part this can be true, there are actually certain alkaloids in Kratom that can be found and detected by drug tests.

There are also Kratom specific drug tests that exist, but since Kratom is considered legal, you have little to worry of it coming at crossroads with you.

So let us discuss the more common ones that could potentially come your way:

Urine tests for Kratom – these tests are one of the more effective as they can easily find traces of Kratom in your urine. Traces of Kratom can last up to a week in urine, making it also one of the better ones to use for testing

Blood tests for Kratom – these tests are one of the more conclusive ones as they not only determine how long Kratom lasts in your system according to your usage.

These tests can also determine for how long you’ve been a Kratom user as there will be build-ups in your system. Since the window of opportunity is shorter and more invasive to others it is highly unlikely you’ll come face to face with test like this.

Hair tests for Kratom – This type of test is applicable to long-time users of Kratom. Research has yet to be conclusive on whether Kratom traces are actually found in hair follicles.

Saliva tests for Kratom – When tested, you can find out how long does Kratom last for you since this method is easier as metabolites of Kratom can be found.

Through the collection of oral fluid, this can be easily done and tested. But since it is very uncommon, it highly unlikely you will find yourself in this situation.

What Are You Supposed to Take From All of This?

Take it from my experience. Kratom rejuvenated me with the beauty of life. That is why I am sharing these methods and knowledge so that I can help others the same way Kratom has helped me.

We are all in the same boat here, hurt in ways only ourselves can truly understand. But we don’t falter because there will always be an answer to our problems.

I’ve cried countless nights wishing that I could go to sleep just to start another day’s worth of stress and anxiety. I really thought that was it for me.

Don’t let your mind succumb to that. Fight it! Let Kratom give you that fighting chance to get your life back.

Heck if you’re reading this then I can say with absolute certainty that you’re on your way to the journey of recovery. Just remember to be responsible and remember that your life is precious, and was always destined to be something far greater than we can imagine.

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