Different Ways of Smoking Weed

Different Ways of Smoking Weed

Weed a.k.a. cannabis is an exceptional plant. Every stoner from whichever part of the world will tell you this. Probably the best gift from the creator. Talk about its magnificent highness levels to its powers of fixing anxiety issues, raising self-esteem as well as increasing performance especially in sports and workouts.

But smoking is not just having smoke in, how it gets in is everyone’s business! Methods of smoking weed have always been a concern to all users. We all have vowed to apply all sort of tools and science to get satisfaction.

With tons of options, come along we look at the most modern and efficient ones all over the world.

The Bongs

For those who love big hits, a bong is an option. The larger the bong, the bigger the hit, but the issue of portability rises as small bongs are easy to move with.

Bongs are not complicated. Just an air tight tube connected to a bowl. The tube contains water at the base which lets the smoke to pass through the water first. As the smoke passes through the water, it is cooled and filtered. This is a plus as it reduces unhealthy components such as nicotine.

Bongs are famous due to their water content which filters and cools the smoke. This is a plus as it reduces noxious components such as nicotine.Smoking on bongs involve the following basic steps;

  • Put water in your bong. And be cautious not to put excess water as it can splash out towards your mouth. You can also add ice which calms the smoke as it rises upwards. Ice also makes the smoke to be smooth.
  • Have your weed in the bowl and make sure it is full. While packing the substance, you can break it by cutting with a grinder, scissors or tearing with your fingers.
  • Have your mouth on the end of the chamber. Ensure the mouth is firmly pressing the mouthpiece to prevent air from escaping outside.
  • Cover the carb with one finger. And in case your bong doesn’t have one, as some don’t, you will have to discard the bowl once the chamber is filled with smoke.
  • Ignite the substance as you smoke. Suck until the smoke fills in the chamber.
  • Take your finger off the carb, and if there is no carb, discard the bowl.
  • Take in all the smoke.

Bongs are made of attractive glass designs in varying shapes and colors. Some are made from ceramic, bamboo, acrylic and metal.

The Bubblers

Bubbler is an impressive combination of a glass pipe and classic bong. The unusual aspect in bubbler is that you obtain all the action without necessarily having to pull around an awkward, clunky object anywhere near you.

You can opt to have small bubblers and big bubblers, dab bubbler or a weed bubbler.

If you get water in it, probably it will bubble. That’s a bubbler. It works by having a glass pipe that dips below the water level so that when you inhale air through the glass tube, the smoke moves down through it and then up through the water. As the smoke passes through the water, it is cooled and filtered.

Bubblers are simple, portable and you get sky high!

The Glass Pipes

These are an advancement from the traditional wooden pipes. Glass is universally known to give better taste than wooden or metal pipes. Glass tubes are more convenient as they are made from high-quality material, borosilicate glass, which has a high heat resistance degree and transparent. Furthermore, they don’t form unhealthy chemicals. All these advantages make it a perfect option.

The glass can be colored, transformed and colored to give fantastic shapes. On a sad note, however, the glass can break when dropped hard on a concrete ground. They, therefore, require being handled with extra care.

Smoking weed on glass pipes is one of the simplest and quickest methods, therefore convenient for someone who is in a hurry.

The Joints

What could be more stylish than joints in the world of marijuana? This is arguably the simplest and cheapest, and oldest method. They are discreet, small for portability purposes, or do you want your granny to know you are on weed?

But here is the thing, for you to have maximum satisfaction, you need to know the basics. You cannot scream your lungs out that you are a stoner, and yet you don’t know how to roll joints! It is like a teacher who doesn’t know how to read!

A filter, rolling paper, and herb are all you need. And always grind the herb. Otherwise, the joint will not burn smoothly and evenly. Get it broken into little chunks. This eases the spreading and also increases the surface area for burning.

Rolling is now the real art. Probably the first joints will look pathetic but don’t mind; Everyone was there. You only need to practice. To light, a joint may sound simple, not until your joint burns unevenly.

The main aim is to have a cherry, that red portion that stays lit. Joints are considered to be very efficient, and they remain intact even when you drop them on the floor. However, they burn fast.

The Vaporizers

A vaporizer is a device that lightly heats weed to temperatures that are significant enough to convert its tetra-hydro-cannabinol into vapor. These gadgets have become familiar in recent times.

The benefits of vaporizing marijuana instead of smoking are well known. It is discreet and good for your health. We all want to die young as late as possible, don’t we?

The first vaporizers were specifically for dry herb. But before long, it hit marijuana users that they were destroying most of its medicinal value through smoking, and so vaporizing came in as a way of inhaling unburned THC.

The common ones in the market are e-cig, short for an e-cigarette. It is designed to turn e-liquid into vapor. E-liquid contains nicotine in liquid form.

This science has of late been applied to weed. The e-cig manufactured today can vaporize THC. Magic Flight Box is another vaporizer which is also common all over the world.

Unfortunately, many of these gadgets are expensive, but this doesn’t shake users. They are now making artificial ones using basic household items which include; light build, knife, soda bottle cap or any bottle lid, a pen as a tube, duct tape and weed.

With the many ways of smoking weed, the best for you is the one that gives you what you need, and what you can afford. I recommend you try various methods that are within your reach and identify the best for you, while still having your eyes open on the latest developments.

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