Mini Bongs: The 12 Best Small Glass Bongs Out there

You deserve a good hit. Every stoner does! But that’s not possible if you aren’t blowing away with the best accessories on the market. Top on that list are your bongs. If you’re getting mini bongs (and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t), you need to go for something that works.

How do you know what works? There are three or even four qualities you should look out for.

Your small bongs should be durable. Getting glass doesn’t mean it should break in a few days. Of course, mini bongs don’t last forever, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get something that’s a good bang for the buck.

Your pipe should be well-built. And easy to carry around too. Variety is the spice of life. So you should get mini water bongs that enable you to take those hits in different positions and in different places.

And they should be beautiful too. The feeling you get taking a clean hit can’t be explained, it’s something every stoner needs to experience. And admiring that bong after a hard day’s work adds to it.

The Best Mini Bongs:

Micro Bong with Bubble Base and Bent Neck

mini bongsThis 7-inch bong comes with a 14.5mm ground joint and a great 4.3-inch downstem length.

Maybe you don’t know a lot about the ideal specs for mini bongs, but the sizes on this bong, apart from making it a beauty to behold, are what you’d call industry standard.

This mini bong is designed to provide a cooler hit and the lengths of the different features allow for all the processes.

Special Features

  • Borosilicate Glass

It’s glass, so you should handle with care, but you shouldn’t get something that slips off your hands easily and breaks after a few days, that’s what you protect against with borosilicate glass. And don’t say I told you, it’s also heat resistant, so your fingers won’t warm up while you’re enjoying a great hit.

  • Bent Neck

You’d see this slightly bent neck on the bong, but it’s not a manufacturing defect or anything like that. It helps keep the water in the rig and makes it easier for you to hold.


  • The submerged downstem gives a smoother hit without eliminating the flavor.
  • Its lightweight nature makes it portable.
  • It has an effective filtration mechanism.


  • It’s a bit difficult to clean.


Stereo to J-Hook Barrel Perc Water Pipe

mini bongsThis bong comes with a dual chamber design, just what you want for all your percolation and filtration.

It comes with what stoners would call a bent neck so you don’t get water in your mouth.

Apart from the 90 14mm male joint, this Grasscity piece lets you use it for dry herbs, concentrates, you name it.

Special Features

  • Barrel Perc

This is just a perc shaped like a barrel that helps filter your smoke consistently.

  • Thick Glass

Bongs with thin glasses are known to break easily. They can’t withstand pressure. Of course, you’re not going to put your bong in a grinding machine but there’s nothing wrong getting something that’s more durable.

  • J Hook Perc

It has the shape of an upside down J. It connects to a different type of perc to facilitate filtration.


  • It’s durable.
  • The scientific glass makes the bong corrosion resistant.


  • There are no carb holes.


Glass Mini Bong with 10mm Male Joint

mini glass bongIt’s easy to guess some features from the name. This is one of the mini glass bongs on the market that come clear and still gets the job done.

It ships with a 10mm male joint with a cylindrical 10mm female glass bowl and with no carb hole.

Surprised? Check out some more features.

Special Features

  • Round Base

Every stoner knows that to up the fun, you’ve got to try from different positions, well this piece helps you achieve that as it’s quite stable and doesn’t topple easily.

  • Double Reinforced Built-in Downstem

There are lots of processes that run behind the scenes to ensure you get that clean hit. Diffusion and filtration are some of them, and the downstem keeps everything running smoothly.



  • The heat resistant glass handle makes the piece portable.
  • The narrowing keeps your water cleaner for longer.
  • It’s perfect for a quick hit.
  • There’s an easy return service offered by the manufacturer.


  • The design makes the water a bit vulnerable to debris.


Mini Bent Neck Honeycomb Perc Water Pipe

small water pipesIt’s a little smaller than the last, but standing at 7 inches tall and with a 90 14mm male joint to go with it, it’s a piece worth talking about.

You can say goodbye to manufacturers who force you to stick with a particular color as this product ships in as many colors as you can think of. Just choose what you want.

There’s also an option to add a dome and a nail. Check out some of the special features.

Special Features

  • Dewar’s Joint

This is a small glass tube that supports the pipe and strengthens the joint. It works to keep the joint and the chamber connected.

  • Colored Glass

Smoking shouldn’t be boring. This mini glass bong makes you have an aesthetically pleasing experience. Just perfect for every stoner.


  • The mouthpiece comes with an airtight seal.
  • The clear glass allows you to know when your water gets dirty.


  • The design creates lots of stages, so it could take some time before you get that smooth hit.


Small Glass Bong with Angled Mouthpiece

small glass bongBelieve me when I say this 4.7-inch piece from Grasscity is every stoner’s dream.

Think about it, what do you want? A sturdy handle? A neck that gets everything done? A mouthpiece that doesn’t hurt? A nice base so you won’t have to get another bong next week?

This mini glass bong keeps you covered. Here are some special features.

Special Features

  • Simple and Sturdy Handles

Don’t let the pictures deceive you. The handles may look weak and slippery but they’re made to sit just fine on your hands, and not tightly placed in any way.

  • Sturdy Bubble Base

If you need a clean hit, then you need your bong to do lots of filtration. But that won’t work with water. A lot of water. The bubble base on this bong can hold a large quantity of water for all the filtration processes. And hey, it’s a clear glass too, so you can watch everything as it happens.


  • It’s portable.
  • It generates a good amount of smoke.


  • The glass is thin.


Mini Barrel to Swiss Perc Water Pipe

mini water pipeIf there’s anything like sophistication, and if it’s something you need, this is one of the mini bongs to look out for.

This 8-inch tall tobacco bong with a 90 14mm female joint is a complete machine.

Everything you’d ever want in a bong and even great aesthetic design. Here are some special features.

Special Features

  • Bent Neck

You need water for all your percolation processes. And percolation takes place at the base of the bong. In some straight neck pieces, water finds it easier to escape through the mouthpiece, meaning you’d have to wait longer to get that hit. The bent neck feature here plays a splash guard role, keeping the water in the bong.

  • Clear Glass

You just can’t ignore this if you’re interested in watching the entire process. And every stoner should.

  • Thick Glass

One major fear owners of thick glass bongs have is that it can break at any time. That’s not good for your pockets. But the heavy glass construction on this mini bong lengthens its life, so you can spend your money on other things.


  • The joints create additional support for the pipe.
  • The scientific glass used makes it corrosion resistant.


  • The bent neck makes it a bit difficult to clean.


Small Glass Bong with Rimmed Mouthpiece

small bongsHere is another one of those mini glass bongs you love.

Apart from giving you a great hit, it’s also good if you’d be having friends over. Yeah, that’s because it’s a pipe made for sharing.

You don’t need to believe me, the special features speak for itself.

Special Features

  • Clear Glass

Very few experiences beat watching as everything happens while taking in that great hit. You need a clear glass for that and this piece keeps you covered.

  • Rimmed Mouthpiece

There’s no point going for a bong that can’t sit in your mouth. The rimmed mouthpiece on this bong is so comfortable.


  • It gives a great grip.
  • The hemp leaf logo complements the beauty of the bong.


  • The fragile nature of the glass makes it break under pressure.


Mini Glass Egg Bong

mini bongThis 6-inch egg shaped bong comes with a removable downstem attached to a herb bowl.

The tiny glass bong is decorated with the word Amsterdam and doesn’t need any training to get used to.

Simply fire up your loaded herb and enjoy the hit from the mouthpiece.

And it’s tasty too, so don’t scared of losing your flavor.

Special Features

  • Angled Mouthpiece

If you’ve been smoking with the regular straight mouthpieces, you’d enjoy this one as the angled top would bring an entirely new angle to your world.

  • Carb Hole

You deserve total control. The carb hole on the side of the body ensures that you have that ability to tweak a little bit more.

  • Flat Base

If you need stability(and everybody does), then you’d love the flat base on this pipe.

  • Removable Downstem

This is why you can confidently slip this bong into your purse without getting bothered. And there’s nothing to get scared of, when it’s time to use, the 14.5mm ground joint keeps it in place.

  • Artistic Decorations

The word Amsterdam and a hemp leaf are quite prominent and yes, beautiful too.


  • It’s easy to use and clean.
  • It’s portable.


  • You may consider the bowl smaller than normal.


Black Glass Mini Bong Deluxe Gift Set

mini water pipeYou need accessories. Something that makes smoking a great experience. Of course, you can go without them but you would never get that Aha! feel.

This box comes with a smoking kit every stoner would love. At a height of 2.8 inches and a 20cm x 12 cm x 5 cm size, there are lots of things to love about this box.

Here are some special features to cherish.

Special Features

  • Black Borosilicate Mini Glass Bong

It works just like every other bong. The borosilicate glass would keep your fingers safe because it’s heat resistant and the bong itself is so easy to carry around.

  • Pipe Cleaners and Pipe Brush

Every pipe gets dirty. But that’s not the problem. The issue is in getting one that’s easy to clean. You can bet this one is because you already have help immediately you open the box.


  • The box can store a lot of accessories.
  • The velvet lining makes each piece sit on a beautiful spot.
  • You get free shipping worldwide on orders above $50.


  • The closure could get a bit loose.


Mini Tornado Cyclone Water Pipe

mini water pipeMaybe you need to understand what a tornado is so you’d get what this small water pipe does.

A tornado is a strong wind, destructive most of the time. But this small bong won’t destroy anything in your home, it’d only set your mind on fire.

Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on the spinning action. At a height of 9 inches with a 4-inch base and a 14mm female joint, it’s a product to watch.

Check out some special features.

Special Features

  • Clear Glass

You’re allowed to watch as your pipe functions. It’s easy to take this for granted, but remember, not every pipe gives you that sort of freedom.

  • Flared Mouthpiece

And there’s an airtight seal with that. It’s just all to make sure you’re very comfortable when using the bong. No one wants to get lip bruises.

  • Scientific Glass

If there’s something you should know about scientific glasses, they’re entirely corrosion resistant and don’t heat up when in use.


  • The 14mm female joint makes this pipe one for both genders.
  • It has a great design.


  • You can get water in your mouth while smoking.


Glass Straight Mini Ice Bong

mini bongI know. You want to know why it’s called an ice bong. Well, there are ice notches in the bong that lets you place a few ice cubes in the for a cooler hit.

This mini bong measures 7.9 inches in height. It also comes with a 3.75-inch downstem length and a 14.5mm ground joint.

Look at some of its special features.

Special Features

  • Ice Notches

If you want a cooler hit, there’s no reason not to get this bong. There’s a lot of heat generated when firing up this bong and all that, so there’s nothing bad if you drop the temperature a bit.

  • Simple Design

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced smoker, it’s not hard to learn using this piece.

  • Carb Hole

You get to control the smoke in the bong. And yes, control is not a bad word.

  • Logo

The bong is already beautifully designed, but depending on its availability, you may get a logo with a mandala design or a mask placed on the top of the tube.


  • It’s perfect for travel.
  • It’s very stable.


  • It can’t hold a lot of water.


Wrap Up

There are different reasons for getting a bong. It’s a must-have for every stoner. You can decide not to get one, but you’d get a terrible smoking experience. And I don’t know of many people who consistently get smooth hits without investing in a bong. 

It’s easy to get confused when buying one, but read this guide and it’d be an easy process. The best mini bongs you should get have been reviewed, so go for one with features you’d love.

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