Top 7 Best COB LED Grow Lights – 2020 Reviews

The COB LED Grow Lights have taken the indoor grow light industry by storm. As the latest market trend, they have all but replaced the traditional HID bulbs that are not just bulky but relatively unreliable as well. So what are COB LED grow lights? COB, or chip-on-board, is primarily an LED packaging technology which works by mounting a multitude of LED chips to form a module. For them to function as a single source of light, these multiple miniature LEDs are wired together in a copper or ceramic board. When it is lit, this board looks like a single light, rather than multiple different lights.


What’s the best COB LED Grow Light?

While HID still has its applications, there are various advantages of using COB LEDs which have made them popular among indoor growers. We are taking the liberty to collate and compare the 7 best COB LEDs that are available in the market today.

Firstly, let us understand some of the attributes that have made COB LEDs as the best grow lights available in the market. COB LEDs can provide 10% higher output than regular LEDs at the same wattage, making them more energy-efficient. As their packaging in a single chip is tighter, they are capable of emitting higher intensity at a much lower power requirement.

CF Grow Cree High-Intensity 200Watt full spectrum COB LEDgrow light is definitely the top option available in the market today. It is well built and boasts of certain unique features in comparison to its peers which we have outlined in the sections below. However, it is also one of the most expensive options.

What’s the best cheap COB LED grow light?

The upgraded Roleadro 800W COB LED is, by far, the best affordable grow light in the market. Its many positive attributes are detailed in the reviews below. However, its major drawbacks are the lack of a UV/IR spectrum and the fact that these lights are not waterproof. It is still a popular choice among indoor growers and can be a good option for first-time cultivators due to its low initial cost of investment.

Roleadro, after taking into consideration the consumer’s requirements, has upgraded its grow light products, making their quality of light better and brighter. It is also a great power saver in terms of electricity consumption and comes equipped with cooling fans. This range of COB LED grow lights come with a two-year long warranty period ensuring peace of mind for the indoor cultivator.


Best COB LED grow light review

#ModelDimensionCoverage AreaWattagePrice
1CF Grow 200W Waterproof21.3 x 7.1 x 3.9 inches2 – 4 inches200wCheck here
2Roleadro 800W14.2 x 9.4 x 5.5 inches3 inches800wCheck here
3KingLED X615.8 x 8.3 x 2.4 inches4 – 6 ft1800wCheck here
4Newest 600W27.6 x 6 x x 5.2 inches5 ft600wCheck here
5Niello 600W23.6 x 3.9 x 1.8 inches5 – 5 ft600wCheck here
6Yueme 1500W12 x 8 x 2.2 inches2 – 2.5 ft1500wCheck here
7Mars Hydro ECO 300W11.6 x 10.3 x 3.1 inches2 – 2 ft300wCheck here


CF Grow 200W Waterproof

This grow light comes with a wide spectrum of the wavelength ranging between 380nm and 780nm. Its unique feature of an external light dimming control allows users to increase or decrease the light intensity between 10 and 200 watts. This attribute can come in handy in the seedling stage where a strong light can potentially burn your plants. These lights include Meanwell drivers that are famous for the performance and stability they provide to your indoor grow light setup.

CF Grow 200w also comes with an inbuilt cooling system allowing the lights to cool down faster. Another plus is that the cooling fan is very silent. The lights are manufactured with quality components and are priced on a higher side. This aspect may not rest well with a beginner, however, for seasoned and regular growers, CF Grow lights are the most technology savvy option available. These lights are a good option for every stage of the plant’s growth cycle making them the top option for indoor plant cultivation set-ups.

CF Grow 200w lights are easy to maneuver as they are fairly light in weight. These lights are highly efficient and customers are likely to get more than what they bargained for. The lights come with a three year warranty period, a standard 30-day product return policy and have a working time of 50,000 hours.


  • The lights offer a full spectrum
  • Light output is controllable / dimmable
  • Manufactures with high quality LED driver and light


  • These lights are expensive and this can discourage beginners and small scale buyers from buying them

Roleadro 800W

Roleadro’s latest upgraded products are known for their light intensity and their affordable pricing. Its built-in cooling systems use aluminum substrate and it is a full spectrum grow light. The two pieces of COB LEDs act as backups of each other making sure that the light is working even if one COB LED chip is broken the other continues working. The two lights work independent of each other and can be controlled independently as well.

The built-in sunflower heat dissipation component ensures that the temperatures remain below 115 degrees although, the fan is not as silent as CF Grow 200w. These lights come with a life span of nearly 50,000 hours and provide full spectrum.

Roleadro grow lights are ideal for smaller areas, however, if the area of cultivation expands then the number of lights can be easily added to the existing setup. The power cord included in the product is capable of adding two or more COB LED grow lights to the existing ones, saving time and money. Roleadro COB LED 800w grow lights are also extremely energy-efficient and can help reduce your electricity bill.

Due to its excellent pricing, Roleadro 800w COB LED is an ideal option for beginners and first-time growers. The light is made from strong and quality components and offers an impressive performance. The product performance more than justifies the cost of investment.


  • These lights are affordable
  • Their ease of use and affordability makes them an ideal choice for first-time growers
  • These COB LED grow lights provide high-quality light intensity


  • These light are not waterproof
  • These products offer a limited coverage area

KingLED X6 COB LED grow light

The King LEC x6 COB LED grow lights come with impressive 6 individual boards comprising of 60 lights each. In other words, there are a total of 360 lamps producing a full spectrum of light for the entire growth cycle of the plant. Besides, three fans form the part of the ventilation system making sure that air is continuously circulated. These LED boards include holes that not only support the airflow but also ensure that no heat sinks are created. Further, these lights can be dimmed from 1% to 100% and this series of COB LEDs come in a variety of sizes.

While most growers are put off by the cost of COB LEDs, most King LED products are affordably priced and x6 COB LED is no exception. It is not just energy-efficient, but the lack of heating allows you to hang lights closer to your crop.

King LED x6 is an ideal COB LED grow light for serious and large scale growers as it can give up to 50,000 hours of light. It may not be a very attractive option for beginners or small scale cultivators. The product comes with a three year warranty period and a 30 days customer money-back guarantee.


  • These lights ensure a healthy plant growth
  • They are highly energy efficient
  • The spare parts are easily accessible in case of a breakdown


  • These lights are considered to be low on blue spectrum support

Newest 600W

The Newest 600w COB LED grow lights come with an interesting design resembling a reflective cup. They are full-spectrum LED grow lights with a 120-degree lens offering a higher light-gathering effect. While these lights replace the older and traditional HID lights effectively, their power consumption is substantially lower at 200w.

The Newest 600w COB LED lights are designed to replicate the sunlight in an indoor setup and hence, are ideal for all stages of the plant’s growth cycle. The balanced light spectrum supports different stages.

These lights come with an open outlet for exhaust providing optimum heat dissipation. The three large cooling fans are low on noise but high on performance. These fans are CE certified.

Newest 600w COB LEDs come with a daisy chain functionality, meaning, more lights can be purchased later and added on to the existing lights easily. This product is available with a 2-year guarantee and a standard 30 days customer money back option.


  • These lights are affordable and efficient
  • They come with an impressive and effective cooling system
  • Their attributes make them a good choice for beginners and the first-time growers


  • These lights are not recommended for large scale and professional cultivators

Niello 600W

Niello 600w COB LEDs are designed to produce highly efficient wavelengths of light to ensure effective photosynthesis process in the indoor plants making them healthier and stronger. The COB LED grow lights comprise of 3 reflective cups with higher light-gathering effects. The three cooling fans inbuilt in the unit ensure sufficient airflow and heat dissipation. As an added benefit, the cooling system is extremely silent.

The lights are not just efficient but also come with an easy to interpret setup and instruction manual. The glass lens protects the COB from water and dust damages increasing the chip’s life span. As these lights are made with the latest COB technology, they come with high PAR and lux values ensuring up to 98% light utilization. These lights also come with a spectral range of 380 nm to 780 nm making them suitable for all stages of the plant life cycle. Unlike traditional HID lights which use 600w to deliver 600 lumens, these COB LEDs use only around 200w for providing the same intensity.

These products come with a 2 years warranty and a 60 days customer money return guarantee. These lights are rigorously tested and come certified with US authoritative ETL certification.


  • High PAR and Lux values
  • Full light spectrum
  • Effective cooling system
  • Stylish design


  • These lights are not waterproof
  • The products can look extremely bright due to the reflective cups.

Yueme 1500W

Yueme 1500 COB LED lights are a combination of 5 open, lens-free COBs in a panel. These lights emit a pinkish hue light instead of a white light. These lights contain IR and UV wavelengths and peak on red and blue hues of the light spectrum. However, their full spectrum quality makes them suitable for installing throughout the plant’s growth cycle. In spite of all these qualities, these COB LEDs are far less powerful in comparison to its peers.

However, Yueme is a much lower-ranked COB LED light as the brand name is fairly unknown in the market. This makes them a higher risk option for the customer. Additionally, there is a dearth of information provided by the manufacturer of these lights making them a less-than-acceptable option for serious growers. However, they are extremely affordable and can be an ideal option for those who are working with a tight budget or for casual growers.

Lastly, while these COB LED grow lights come with a 2 year warranty period, they don’t include any 30 days or 60 days return policies.


  • Yueme lights offer a full spectrum of light which is suitable for all stages of the growth cycle.
  • These lights extremely affordable making them one of the cheapest available options.


  • These COB LEDs are low on power and intensity
  • Their coverage area is much lesser than other similar lights
  • The manufacturer does not offer a return policy

Mars hydro ECO 300W COB LED grow light

Considering their price, these COB LED grow lights offer the best possible value for beginners and casual growers. As a brand that has been around for over a decade, Mars Hydro lights are robust and reliable. The global presence can ensure speedier delivery of products and spare parts.

Mars hydro’s latest model ECO 300w COB LED is highly power efficient. They have replaced the heat sink with fans and cooling slits ensuring temperature control in these grow lights. Moreover, as these lights have a lower output, they don’t generate as much heat.

The daisy chain functionality allows users to add lights as and when their area of cultivation grows. The light also boasts of a full spectrum making it suitable for all phases of the plant’s growth cycle. Their full spectrum of light is better balanced than most lights that are available at a similar price.

These lights come with a 3-year warranty and a 30 days customer money return policy.


  • These light provide a full spectrum of light
  • They are suitable for beginners
  • Good brand recognition making them a good value for money.
  • User-friendly setup


  • These COB LED grow light are not waterproof
  • Not suitable for large or medium size grow areas

Conclusion: Best COB LED Grow Lights

The product reviews and details listed above are meant to provide you with an in-depth understanding of the top 7 COB LED grow lights which are available in the market. Even if you are considering options outside of the 7 listed above it is imperative to conduct a basic study of the features and performance of those lights.

However, before finalizing on any of the above, it is important to consider the following points,

Plant Category – Most grow lights are suited for different plants and therefore, the light you purchase should not only be suitable for your crop but should ideally be designed to cater to all stages of your plant’s growth cycle. It is important to note that a light which claims to offer optimum support through all growth phases may not be able to do so effectively in every phase. The intensity requirement may differ depending upon various external factors.

Area – The next important consideration should be the area. The choice of lights should be able to effectively cover the area you intend to cultivate in. A large light over a small garden will be an overkill and a small light over a larger area may not be able to deliver results at all. Light with daisy chain option is recommended if the grower wants to start small and then scale up gradually.

Budget – There is a vast variety of COB Grow lights that are available in the market today. They also come in a wide range of functionality and price point. It is important to select lights which offer you the best value for your investment.

Apart from these, light spectrum, cooling system and the technology, specifically chip technology, are some of the other important aspects that must be considered before the investment. COB LEDs are the next level of technology-driven lights that have changed the entire playing field. This industry is slated to register 12% by 2023.

Organizations offering products like the CF COB LED grow lights and the Roleadro 800w are making it to our top categories as they offer the best and latest technology and their products are highly efficient, reliable and robust. For this reason, they are the market leaders and the products of choice for seasoned and large scale growers. However, depending upon your requirement, area of cultivation and budget you can explore the options available in the market and decide on a solution that fits your needs.