7 Cheap LED Grow Lights That Work

Setting up your own indoor garden isn’t just about putting some seedlings in a pot and watering them every day. Plants, like all living things, need specific conditions in order to thrive. In the past, people with limited spaces in their homes often have to resort to growing only house plants. Nowadays, however, modern technology has allowed us to grow all sorts of plants indoors with the use of greenhouses.Still, weather constraints may make it difficult to maintain the right light conditions to let the plants thrive. That is why people who want to grow a large variety of plants need to find ways to manipulate indoor conditions by way of LED grow lights.


These small but powerful little boxes are crucial because based on the ratio of different types of light, they can simulate real sunlight which is the catalyst for photosynthesis. Manipulating the coverage area, distance, and duration of using these lamps can also yield different results, so it is good to be well-versed in the different models and functions.


While owning one is one of the best ways to have a flourishing garden at any time of the year, the number of options can be overwhelming, especially for beginners and budget-conscious consumers. Luckily, there are many options that provide great features without breaking the bank. We’ve taken a look at some of the best affordable LED grow lights to help any aspiring horticulturist.


Each item has been carefully selected based on price, features, user feedback, and overall value for money. Additional features such as design, energy-efficiency, and after-sales support are also taken into consideration. After all, you wouldn’t want to have buyer’s remorse and waste valuable cash on a product that isn’t up to standard. So here are some of the best affordable LED grow lights for every consumer’s consideration.


Best Affordable LED Grow Lights


MEIZHI 300WNot specified300$63.99
Philzon2 x 2 ft600$84.99
Shengsite UFO 2506-18 sq ft50$26.99
KingLED King Plus3 x 3.4 ft600$89.00
Roleado Galaxyhydro SeriesNot specified1000$99.98
MarsHydro4 x 4 cubic feet300$69.00
BESTVA Reflector Series2 x 2.2 ft600$89.99


MEIZHI 300W Grow Light(Good Cheap LED Grow Lights)

If you’re on the lookout for a reliable, fuss-free grow light which is not only affordable but also solidly built, give MEIZHI’s entry-level offering a try. At first glance, it may not be as sleek-looking as more premium brands, but at this price you can’t really ask for better.

It features flower dual switch for its two modes, “flower” and “veg”, which you can toggle depending on the plants’ needs and life stages. For most gardens, simply manipulating the modes and the distance from the plant already yields very good results.

In terms of power and efficacy, the brand claims that even at just 300W, its LED lights can rival the 600W bulbs of other brands. To help achieve this and to ensure that the light is maximized, MEIZHI incorporated a reflector design to prevent precious light from escaping and to direct it towards the plant. It even features a daisy-chain system should you want to increase the lighted area without any additional plugs.

While the lower raw power can seem limiting for expert gardeners, for most people this is more than enough for their indoor systems. In fact, many users have switched to this brand from their their 600w lights because the lower wattage of MEIZHI has helped them to save on their electricity bills. Ifthat wasn’t convincing enough, it also features a simple yet effective cooling sink to further prevent overheating. Overall, the brand promises a cost-effective, powerful, and safe system for different types of users and plants.


– Basic controls make it an easy to use product

– Good performance for less wattage

– Good cooling system

– Daisy chain system


– Lower wattage can be limiting for more veteran indoor gardeners

– Solidly built, but clunkier than other brands


Phlizon Newest 600W LED Plant Grow Light(Best led grow light for the money)

Most people think that affordable grow lights mean cutting corners in terms of build quality and features. However, this model from Philzon proves that for the right price, you can have it all — and then some. It covers all the basics, such as a dual switch to adapt to the growing stage of your plants, full spectrum LED lights, and ergonomic design with daisy chain mechanism. It also has some nice touches like a thermometer humidity monitor and an adjustable rope to suit any indoor garden’s needs.

Apart from having a full range of features, the Philzon 600W LED grow light can save you even more money in the long run because of its energy efficient system. Its actual consumption is in the 100-watt range, which is great given its output. Safety is also guaranteed with its double cooling fans, which also means that your lights will last longer. Just note that the fan system can be a little noisier than the competition, as reported by some users. However, if it’s not a big issue for you then this model is more than good enough for most people.

Some users have also reported issues with thermometer, but it should be noted that what sets Philzon apart from the competition is the brand’s exemplary customer service and after-sales support. Replacements are easy to make for defective products and with its 2 year warranty and 30 days money back guarantee, you are sure to get your money’s worth. In fact, this product was rated Amazon’s Choice, and rightly so because of its great value for money.


– Full-featured system

– Great value for money

– Ergonomic design

– Energy-efficient

– Great after-sales support


– Dual cooling fans are useful, but tend to be noisier than expected


Shengsite UFO 250 LEDs Indoor Grow Light(Inexpensive LED grow Light)

Not everyone needs a sophisticated grow light, particularly for gardens with highly adaptable plants. In fact, most indoor garden newbies probably don’t have the experience or the budget to handle fancy LED light system; they just want a simple, affordable option in order to get started on their new hobby. Shengsite offers them the most basic option, their 50W LED Grow Light, at a fraction of the price of the competition.

Open the package and you can immediately tell it’s not a premium option: it includes the unit, power cord, and rope for easy hanging in your greenhouse. Try the product out and it gets easier to see where the company cut costs — you won’t find dual modes or sophisticated cooling fans here. But what it lacks in features, it makes up for with using high-quality LED lights that mimic conditions in sunlight, so your plants can still grow healthily. Most users would just adjust the lights manually depending on the type and life stage of the plant.As for maintaining the temperature of the device, the brand incorporates plastic plates to ensure no overheating without having to use noisy cooling fans.

Shengsite also looks stands out in terms of looks, going for a “UFO” design instead of the usual box found in other brands. Most users find this product reliable enough to withstand normal use and it lasts long enough to justify the low cost. Overall, this model is a great option for those on a budget, if you are willing to do without the frills.


– Much cheaper than other brands

– Unique design

– Doesn’t have noisy fans


– Lacks dual mode

King Plus 600W LED Grow Light

For people with more experience in indoor gardening, several factors must be considered, even if you have to pay a higher price upfront. One of the things consumers look for is a good, reliable brand. KingLED is well-known for coming up with good lighting products, thus warranting a more premium (but reasonable) price. Not to worry though as customers are sure to get your hard-earned money’s worth with this class-leading product.


King Plus 600W offers a full spectrum of lights with the best ratio of colors and wavelengths to maximize your plants’ growth. It also boasts upgraded LED chips that produce brighter lights for more raw power than the competition. In spite of this, the product is energy efficient, with a consumption of just 120 watts. In the long run, it can even save you money.As for keeping the device cool, has high-speed cooling fans and aluminum heat sinks which keep the device cool and quiet.

In addition, KingLED’s great after-sales support and 3 year warranty make it worthy to be Amazon’s Choice.


– Upgraded LED chips for brighter and better lights

– Full-spectrum LED suitable for most plants at any growth stage

– Quiet cooling system


– More expensive than competition

Roleadro 1000W LED Grow Light, Galaxyhydro Series

Roleadro is another brand with 11 years of experience in producing great lighting products.While their products are offered at a premium, it is because they claim extensive R&D for each model. They even put each product through a high-temp quality test to make sure you receive the best item. In case of any problems, however, they are also well-known for providing good customer support and their 24 months warranty more than justifies the cost.

Their Galaxyhydro Series Light is full spectrum, but with added Blue, Red, IR and UV lights in the correct ratio to best mimic sunlight. Roleandro also added more red light than other full-spectrum grow lights, thus claiming to enhance photosynthesis and maximize plant growth. The LED chips themselves have also been enhanced, with a 90-degree optical lens to increase lumen output while saving energy.

In spite of the powerful lighting system, Roleandro keeps its unit cool with two high speed cooling fans and an aluminum body which easily dissipates heat. Overall, it reduces consumption (135 watts input) while delivering the power of a 1000-watt light.

Apart from the relatively high price (most LED grow lights can do the job at just a fraction of this model’s price), this model with all the bells and whistles tends to be on the hefty side, which might not do so well in smaller spaces. But if you can deal with this and you are looking for a premium product, this is one that you can rely on for years to come.


  • Unique lighting system best mimics actual sunlight
  • Good cooling system
  • Amazing longevity and power
  • Great after-sales service


  • Not the most ergonomically designed product
  • Expensive

MarsHydro LED Grow Light

If you want something that is a step up from the usual LED light system, MarsHydro introduces its LED grow light with new SMD LED. It boasts a higher PAR than traditional LED systems, so your plants get the most out of this sleek box. The lights themselves have been especially designed to maximize light output without compromising on energy efficiency.

The brand has many different models to choose from, but even the entry-level 300W already promises some great features while still maintaining a reasonable price. As its brand name suggests, this was specifically designed for hydroponics, but it works just as well in plants grown with soil.

When it comes to safety, MarsHydro doesn’t fall behind. It may be simple enough to just plug and use, but comes with a unique cooling system in which damage to one component won’t affect any other part of the device.

As with any good-quality electronics company, MarsHydro offers 3 years warranty and 30 days money back guarantee, so you can rest well knowing that your purchase won’t run into any major problems.

The only flaw that this brand seems to have (and it isn’t really a major one, if you know exactly the specs you need) is that they offer so many choices that a novice would be overwhelmed at which model to buy. But for experts who want to expand their repertoire in horticulture and have the facilities to experiment with different types of plants, this is a good choice with great value.


  • Excellent cooling system
  • Great new LED technology
  • Well-designed
  • Various options at different price points


  • Not very user-friendly for novices

BESTVA Reflector Series 600W LED Grow Light

Another great option for hydroponics enthusiasts is this model from BESTVA. The spectrum on this model has been modified to best suit medical plants (1:1 red to blue ratio instead of the usual 8:3). The integrated lens in each LED bulb also enhance performance while keeping the consumption low (a mere 132 watts). All of these features are housed in a well built housing made of high-grade 5mm thick aluminum. Its materials are all heat resistant and are therefore safe to use long term. The company is so proud of its patented design that it calls it a “Unicorn LED”.


Underneath all of the design and marketing that this brand uses, this model has some great functionality. It has two modes, one for the growing stage and another for seeding and flowering. The company suggests 15-18 hours per day for seeding and growing, and 12-14 hours a day for flowering, but you can vary this depending on your own preferences. Alternating between these two modes is done by turning on the switches at the back of the device. Because its cooling system doesn’t make use of pure fans, you can expect this model to keep cool quietly. One flaw would be its relatively small coverage area compared to other models of similar price (2 x 2.2 ft compared to others at 3-4 sq ft).

BESTVA also offers 3 years warranty like most big brands, but some users have reported running into some issues with after-sales services. Overall, this offers good value for money but with many other options at this price range, it might not be a compelling enough buy for most consumers.


  • Unique design
  • Modified red to blue ratio suits certain kinds of plants well
  • Well built with premium materials at a reasonable price


  • Less than desirable after sales service
  • Relatively small coverage area


Conclusion: Best Budget LED Grow Light

At the end of the day, what you pay up front isn’t the only consideration you have to take when purchasing an LED grow light. While it is possible that the cheapest option is the best for you, in the long run you might find yourself wanting to buy additional appliances or items to make up for the cheap product’s shortcomings.

Features and specifications are, on the surface, some of the most important things to consider, because each consumer has different needs. You want a product that fits you exactly, and there’s a better chance of this when the product has the right set of features at a given price range. Unique technologies should also been noted, such as suitability for hydroponics, more efficient cooling systems, etc.

Build quality and safety are also important, because you want to be able to use your grow light for a long time before replacing it. After-sales support and the brand’s reputation are also worth looking into, since quality problems are always a possibility and you want to work with a brand that values its customers.

All of these things taken into account, we’ve decided that the best LED grow light for those on a budget is the PHILZON 600W GROW LIGHT. It is not the item with lowest price among all the ones we’ve tested, but we’ve found it to be the most value for money among them. It covers all the basic features and does them very well, and yet it has some additional goodies that can be really useful in your garden as well, such as the thermometer and humidity monitor. And, with amazing customer service and after sales support, you don’t have to worry if you should end up with a defective product or encounter any issues. And the best part is that it is still reasonably priced, so anyone from a novice to an expert will find this to be a solid choice.