Top 7 Best 600w LED Grow Lights

Grow lights are the source of energy that replaces the natural sunlight for plants grown indoors. Therefore, it is very important to analyze various aspects of the lights that are available before investing. For a healthy growth cycle, it is important to select lights that offer a full spectrum. LEDs, or Light-emitting diodes, are available as some of the most efficient grow light products in the market today. The innovation in recent years has made LEDs not just a technology savvy but also, an affordable indoor grow light solution. The global LED market is expected to grow at an approximate CAGR of 15%. These efficient and user-friendly grow light options are fast replacing the traditional grow light products. They don’t heat up as much and have a much longer life expectancy.

So what are LEDs? The primary structure of LED lights is made up of a tiny semiconductor chip that is covered by a capsule and a junction that allows the flow of electric current in the form of multiple electrons. This unidirectional flow of electrons emits a different type of photon. This is how photon emitting LEDs function and produce varying light colors and radiations. In spite of all the light emitted, thermal energy is produced in bare minimum quantities.

LED grow lights can be broadly segregated into two categories, high power LEDs and low power LEDs. Lights lower than 300w are considered as low power and the ones with 300w or higher wattage are categorized as high power LEDs. In this article, we will review the top seven 600w LED grow lights. These lights are reviewed based on factors like their spectrum, price, coverage area, ease of use and others that should be considered before purchasing an LED grow light.


Best 600 Watt Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

#ModelDimensionCoverage AreaWattagePrice
1G8LED G8-60020 x 12 x 3 inches4 – 5 ft600wCheck here
2King Plus 600w12.2 x 8.2 x 2.3 inches3 – 3.4 ft600wCheck here
3Viparspectra 600w38.1 x 32 x 7.6 cm3 – 3 ft600wCheck here
4Phlizon Newest 600w40 x 6 x 17 cm2 – 2 ft600wCheck here
5Advanced Platinum LED P600 600w91.4 x 7.6 x 22.9 cm6 – 3.75 ft600wCheck here
6MarsHydro MARS60045.7 x 27.9 x 7.6 cm2.5 – 2 ft600wCheck here
7Viparspectra PAR60038.1 x 32 x 7.6 cm3 – 3 ft600wCheck here


G8LED G8-600 (Newest LED Grow Lights)

The G8 600w LED grow light makes it to the top spot of our table as it offers an all-round solution for indoor cultivators. The light’s design incorporates not just a full spectrum but also provides maximum coverage and high yields. G8 600w LED comes equipped with multiple premium features like IR, cross coverage, deep penetration, and low operational costs, to name a few.

As hassle-free, low maintenance and efficient light, this LED uses all the diodes for the photosynthesis process. The light also includes 6 internal cooling fans to make sure that an optimum temperature is maintained and no harm is caused to the plant due to over-heating. For an avid indoor cultivator, this light is an ideal option as it can help enhance the quantity and quality of yields.

While the initial investment cost can be high, the light’s life span of nearly 50,000 hours and energy savings can actually make it an extremely economical option in the long run.

The product comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty period and a 90 days return policy. G8 600w is one of the most endorsed LED grow lights by beginners as well as seasoned and large scale cultivators.


  • A full spectrum of light ensures healthy yields
  • The product comes with a 90 days money-back guarantee
  • The light is capable of working for nearly 10 years


  • This LED grow light can be on the expensive side for first-time growers or those with a tight budget.

King Plus 600 watt LED Grow Light Review (cheapest led grow lights online)

King Plus 600w LED is one of the cheapest LEDs available that give par performance. Coming from a trusted brand, this LED is more powerful than what its cost implies. It offers a complete spectrum with IR and UV for indoor plant cultivation as well as greenhouse growing. These LEDs provide an excellent proportion and draw only 120v of power. The latest dual-chips 10w LEDs are much brighter than the traditional 5w and 3w LEDs. King Plus 600w LED also includes two quiet and high-speed fans along with aluminum sinks. This feature helps to keep the lights at an optimum temperature and avoid light burns on plants.

The light can provide coverage over an area of 3 X 3.4 feet. King Plus 600w LED comes with a daisy chain feature that allows you to seamlessly add more lights as the grow area increases. For instance, you can double your coverage area by adding a second light without any elaborate electrical work. These 10, 60w pieces come with a 3 years warranty and a 30 days money-back guarantee. Overall, King Plus 600w LED grow lights are an ideal option for casual, beginners and seasoned growers.


  • The price is its most attractive feature.
  • The light also provides a complete spectrum and powerful penetration
  • King Plus 600w LED provides an effective coverage area
  • Efficient power consumption


  • Unlike the other popular LEDs, this product does not include a bloom & veg switch.

Viparspectra 600w

Viparspectra is a known and trusted brand in the LED grow light industry and their products are manufactured with quality components. Viparspectra 600w LED grow light comes with a complete spectrum layout and is ideal for cultivating all types of flowers and vegetation indoors. On their website, Viparspectra claims that their LED runs at least 70% cooler than HIDs. These lights are scientifically engineered to provide a balanced PAR/Lumen coverage and output. This helps in an equal disbursement of light to all the plants under its area.

Although it is a 600w light, it consumes 70% less energy in comparison to the HID and HPS lights. These LEDs also consume just 276 watts to provide 600w. Unlike king Plus 600 LEDs, Viparspectra 600w also comes with two different switches to cater to the veg and bloom stages of the plant’s growth cycle. Both these switches can be turned on simultaneously to maximize the LED’s intensity.

These lights come with Daisy chain feature as well. You can easily add more lights as your grow area increases without multiple power outlets. Viparspectra 600w LED grow lights include a 3 year warranty period and a 30-day money return policy.


  • These lights provide a full balanced spectrum to your plants
  • 70% more energy-efficient than the traditional HIDs
  • Effective heat dissipation system.
  • Growers can switch between veg and bloom stages.


  • These LED lights are not waterproof
  • These lights also do not include a timer.

Phlizon Newest 600 watt (cheap 600 watts grow lights)

While Phlizon may not be a large brand in the grow light industry, it is an established manufacturer of LED grow lights and similar products. Their Newest 600w LED grow lights are built with two of the most recommended brands – Epistar/Bridgelux LED chips. With 60 dual-chip LEDs of 10w each, this 600w LED grow light is capable of providing the required intensity of light for your plants. Like Viparspecrra’s product, this grow light too provides switching between modes. With a full spectrum containing IR and UV wavelengths, these grow lights are ideal for enhancing the plant’s yields and ensuring a fruitful growth cycle.

Phlizon Newest’s reliable cooling system includes double vents and fans. The heat dissipation is effective without any disturbing noise. The daisy chain functionality allows users to incorporate additional products in a cascading effect with ease. Even with a 600w label, the light’s consumption is only 108w.

These LED grow lights come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty and a 30-day money return guarantee. In spite of coming from a lesser-known brand, Phlizon Newest 600w incorporates nearly all the features of the top brand present in this category.


  • Incorporates the latest dual-chip technology
  • Effective heat dissipation to avoid overheating or light burn
  • These LED grow lights come with an inbuilt thermometer and a clock
  • These lights are more energy-efficient in comparison to some traditional solutions.


  • The one drawback is that the lights are not waterproof
  • The 2 year warranty period is smaller than what is offered by most manufacturers in this category.

Advanced Platinum LED P600 600 watt LED Grow Light

At the outset, it is important to highlight that the Advance Platinum LED P600 LED may not be a recommended option for beginners or casual growers. This is primarily because it is a pricier option than others in this category. However, for cultivators who are considering to seriously increase their output, this is one of the best options.

As a brand, Advanced Platinum is famous for its quality as well as the yields produced by its lights. On their website, they claim to exactly match their LED’s spectral output to the curve of the photosynthetic absorption and utilize one hundred percent of the power towards growth.

There is more good news for serious growers. These lights come with an admirable 100,000-hour lifespan and are capable of generating a complete spectrum including IR and UV. With different switches for veg and bloom stages, cultivators can change the light intensity depending on the crop’s growth cycle. Like the G8 LEDs, the Advanced Platinum P600 is capable of generating an impressive amount of brightness. These LEDs also have a large coverage area justifying their high cost.


  • This light is capable of providing an impressive coverage of more than 22 sq. ft. at a height of 18 inches from the plants.
  • One of the most powerful lights available in the market
  • Efficient and low noise heat dissipation system


  • The high cost of Advanced Platinum P600 LED grow lights are the one thing that is not in their favor. Due to this, it may not be the recommended choice for beginners.

MarsHydro MARS600

The Mars Hydro Mars600 is a complete spectrum LED grow light that is backed by a reliable brand. This product is efficient as it consumes only about 130w of electricity. The heat sink is separate from the circuit board meaning the whole set need not be repaired or replaced due to a component malfunction.

The spectrum ratio is balanced to ensure that every stage of the plant’s growth is catered to without the need so a switch of modes. The 120 pieces of 5w LEDs are installed to maximize the light intensity.

These lights are considered ideal for a beginner or a casual grower, however, if your scale of operation is large then this may not be the recommended option for you. As a budget grow light, Mars600 LED works best in a small grow tent setup.

The Mars Hydro MARS600 LED grow light comes with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty and a 30 days money-back guarantee. With over seven years of experience, this company has been in business for a fairly long time to produce quality and user-friendly products.


  • Full-spectrum of light which makes it ideal for all stages of the plant’s growth cycle.
  • Its made with Epileds/Bridgelux LEDs.
  • Efficient heat dissipation and an effective cooling system to avoid overheating of the room or light burn on plants.


  • MarsHydro Mars600 LED grow light’s primary drawback is that it is not equipped with IR and UV lights.

Viparspectra PAR600

Viparspectra PAR600 LED grow light has been engineered to provide a balance of PAR and Lumen coverage and output. This light is ideal for growing in a 3’x3’ area. It is also energy efficient as it consumes less than half of the listed 600w and, that too when it is used at full capacity. The Viparspectra PAR600 also incorporates white, red and blue light which can be switched depending upon the plant’s growth stage requirement.

The upgraded aluminum heat sinks and cooling fans for heat dissipation ensure that the lights are maintained at an optimum temperature. This light may not be as intense as some of the top options available in this segment, its performance far outweighs its cost.

Viparspectra PAR600 come with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty and a 30-day money return guarantee. This LED grow light is an ideal option for beginners or casual growers as it is relatively cheaper than its counterparts.


  • The light covers all the stages of the plant’s growth cycle and is extremely easy to install.
  • The light is energy efficient in comparison to the traditional HIDs that it replaces. A lifespan of over 100,000 hours can easily help you recover the initial cost of investment.


  • This light is not waterproof. It may not be considered as a weakness on the part of this LED grow light as it is mostly for indoor use.

Conclusion:Best Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights Reviews

The 600w LED grow light reviews are designed to provide you with an understanding of the top 7 600w LED grow lights which are available in the market today. It is imperative to conduct a basic study of the features and performance of lights that you are planning to invest in. It is also important to consider the following points,

Plant Category – Most grow lights are suited for different plants and phases. It is important to understand that a manufacturer who claims to offer optimum support through all growth phases may not be able to do so effectively in every phase and can be affected by other factors.

Area of Coverage – Your selection of lights should be able to entirely cover the area you intend to cultivate in. A large light over a small garden will be an overkill and a small light over a larger area may not be able to deliver any results at all. Light with a daisy chain option is recommended as you can start small and scale up gradually.

Budget – There is a vast variety of 600w LED grow lights available in the market today. They also come with a varied range of functionality and price point. It is important to select lights which fit your current budget without affecting your project cost of operation.

Other than these, factors like light spectrum, cooling system, and the technology, must be considered before an investment. LEDs are the next level of technology-driven lights that have changed the entire grow light scenario.

Products like the G8LED G8600 grow light and the King Plus 600w are making it to the top of our review table as they offer the best and latest technology with lights that are efficient and reliable. Depending upon your requirement, area of cultivation and budget you can explore the options available in the market and decide on a solution that fits your needs.