Top 6 Best 2000w LED Grow Lights Reviews

Planting your weed inside the house has emerged as a lovely pass of leisure time and with the incorporation of technological advancements; it has become so easy and convenient to establish your home-based weed farms within little spaces. When this hobby converts from small space to a large professional grow house; a 2000 Watt LED Grow light can be an appropriate option. With many other factors, Grow Lights play a vital role in healthy growth of the crop; especially when planted inside the Grow Rooms. Along with Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen and water intake, indoor plants need ample lighting to initiate and continue their photosynthesis and other processes essential for the survival, growth, fertility, and productivity of the plants. Nothing can be a substitute for sunlight, yet the selection of proper ambiance can bring magical results to these plants. In small scale Grow Rooms small LED lights or SMD LEDs can be sufficient to fulfill the plants’ needs whereas, for comparatively bigger grow rooms a 2000w LED Grow light can be the best option. The LED (Light-emitting Diode) invented a couple of decades ago; had very limited usage due to its expensiveness, however, with the time extensive researches were carried out for best utilization of LEDs by making them dependable and cost-effective. By lowering unit production cost of LED made it the loveliest choice for the farmers as it consumed significantly low power in comparison of HIDs, HPS and other conventional lighting options.


Another benefit of LED lights was the emission of negligibly low heat and giving more light which was desirable to give a boost to the cannabis growth.  Initially, low powered LEDs were used for this purpose however, with the increasing volume and demand of cannabis cultivation 2000W LED were introduced which is very effective and budget-friendly. In subsequent lines we will be discussing various salient features, pros and cons of 2000w LED Grow Lights to give you an insight about choosing the best suited grow lights for your grow area.

Best 2000w LED Grow Lights


ModelHID- Equivalent WattagePrice RangeCoverage AreaLife Span
BESTVA 2000W Reflector Series2000 Watts210 to 230 USD7.8ft x 7.5ft100,000 hrs
King Plus 1200W Double Chips1200 Watts130 to 150 USD3.5ft x 5.2ft100,000 hrs
Dimgogo 2000 watt led grow light300 Watts360 to 375 USD4.5ft x 3.8ft100,000 hrs
Phlizon Newest 2000w2400 Watt260 to 320 USD6ft x 6.5ft50,000 hrs
RoleadroGalaxyHydro 2000w180 Watt80 to 90 USD2ft x 2ft50,000 hrs
HIGROW 2000w LED Grow Light1000W75 to125 USD2ft x 2ft50,000 hrs


BESTVA DC Series 2000w

In the top searches of 2000 Watt LED Grow Lights you will find the BESTVA Series 2000w LED Grow lights produced by the top world level manufacturers. This top brand LED Grow light has achieved world over popularity and has become most liked LED Grow Light used by the farmers. It has a wide coverage range; very less heat radiator and very cost-effective solution for better production of Cannabis while growing in a moist, hot and dark grow area. These lights are a great solution for the fast growth of indoor plants, vegetables and plants like Cannabis. These lights are a very good replacement of conventional lighting options like HPS and HIDs etc. BESTVA DC Series 2000w is provided with multiple cooling fans, Panel of 200 LEDs of 10 watts each, IR and UR incorporated in the full spectrum. It draws an average power of 390 watts in total and is covered with three years warranty.  It gives light cover to an area about 7.8 feet long and 7.5 feet wide while installed at 24 inches distance. Bestva 2000w DC series LED grow light comes with many special characteristics for beginners and almost contains all those features which can be essentially required for growing indoor plants. Price is very affordable, quality of light is very good, the spectrum is as per prescribed standards and coverage is fantastic. The combination of 200 LEDs gives a full-color spectrum thus sufficing the need of indoor plant as closer to the sunlight as these plants can need. 


  • It may be conveniently controlled by a timer.
  • It is very easy to install, handle, maintain and replace.
  • It is flawlessly perfect for the best flowering.
  • Due to its very low cost, it is budget-friendly.
  • It emits negligibly low heat; thus allowing the plant to grow well.


  • Its case is not waterproof; which is the biggest disadvantage of this LED grow light.
  • It has no daisy-chain function which makes it worthless.


Dimgogo 2000 watt led grow light

Dimgogo 2000w LED grow light is manufactured by renowned LED light manufacturers with many noteworthy characteristics best suiting new cultivators; especially when they are growing in a Grow Room having various limitation thus necessitating the installation of LED Grow Lights. These lights if used incorrect configuration can bring very successful and improved yield as one can wish for. This is another beautifully articulated full spectrum LED Grow light which consumes very less power and gives extremely good light. Its coverage area is reasonably wide and it can give ultimate results towards the growth of the plants. The manufacturer gives a reasonably good post-installation, a post-usage warranty which covers the hard-earned money of farmers from any kind of deterrence or fear. Just like few other lighting arrangements available in the industry;Dimgogo 2000w LED Grow Light has 10 watts Epileds LED double chips. These lights are the best replacement of old HIDs and HPS lights as these are energy-efficient, environment-friendly and soft looking lights. These LED Grow Lights emit very less heat and these lights also consume very less energy. These lights perfectly suited to plants area for excellent results in the growth of the plants, especially during their flowering and fruit seasons. These lights have comparatively cool temperatures and a bigger lifespan and are considered best for growing indoor plants especially during vegetative, flowering and fruit growing season. It consumed 243 watts per hour and is provided with four cooling fans. These LEDs are so effective to convert more than 90% energy into light. All the LEDs affixed in this light panel have Zener diodes and provide good coverage.


  • These lights are extremely lightweight.
  • Possess extremely good brightness.
  • Very cheap and light on expense.
  • Cooling capability is very good due to four cooling fans.
  • It emits negligibly low heat; thus allowing the plant to grow well.
  • Very low energy consumption; thus saving electricity bills.


  • The package is not waterproof.
  • Have common features like other lights and doesn’t have any special features.

King Plus 2000w LED Grow Light

The King Plus 2000 watts LED Grow lights are also good farmers’ choice which has replaced the old traditional lights with 3 watts or 5 watts LEDs. King Plus LED Grow Light is manufactured to provide full-color spectrum and extraordinary coverage best suitable for the indoor plantation. These lights possess a very effective inbuilt cooling system which helps to increase the lifespan of the lights. The energy bills of the farmers using King Plus LED Grow lights gets significantly reduced as compared to the classic HIDs or HPS lighting solutions. The King Plus LED Grow Lights provide a sturdy light with extremely good coverage. One light panel contains 200 Epistar LEDs having 10 watts each. These lights require an average voltage of 85 to 265 volts. It has a reasonably long and price compatible life span. It is recommended that King Plus 2000w LED Grow light be installed at 4.5 x 8 feet. King Plus LED Grow lights have been artistically articulated to provide very high efficiency in the family of grow lights.  In addition to its features, the IR and UR spectrum preserves a stable and sustainable growth along with guaranteed productivity of the plant being grown up. With its proven full-spectrum light, King Plus 2000w LED Grow light can be compared with any modern grow light; it will fulfill all the desires of the cultivators. Its package contains a King Plus 2000w LED Grow Light along with a power cable and a hanging kit. It has a very effective cooling system which makes it very efficient and cost-effective.


  • King Plus 2000w LED is a plug & play Grow Light and is very easy to install.
  • It has extremely good quality as compared to its price.
  • Its cooling fans are very efficient.
  • It has extremely good and credible reliability and dependability.
  • It has three years warranty and contains complete things which are needed.


  • King Plus LED Grow Light Package is not waterproof.
  • It is very basic light and its comparison is available in the local market.
  • These lights are usually provided to the beginners in-home farming business.

Phlizon Newest 2000w

The Phlizon Newest 2000w LED grow lights are another good option for the beginner home cultivators to keep their Grow Rooms and Grow Tents well lit and ambient when plants are growing. The Phlizon Newest 2000w LED grow light has extremely low power consumption; resulting in saving a huge amount of hard-earned money from paying off the power bills. Its price is very low and it is, therefore, affordable to every class of society. It is a very popular choice due to being cheaper than its counterparts and efficient than the lights available in the local market. These Grow lights have completely replaced the old classic lights like HIDs and HPS lights. The Phlizon Newest 2000w LED grow lights have been designed and manufactured by well-reputed Grow Lights producing company and has very rapidly grown up its business by attracting a reasonably good revenue in a very short period that too in the presence of strong competitors in the surroundings. The Phlizon Newest 2000w LED grow light is considered one amongst the safest LED Grow lights in the world. These are full-spectrum and energy-efficient LED Grow Lights covered with a company warranty of two years. The Phlizon Newest 2000w LED grow light are FCC certified light panels with excellent coverage. The modern dual-chip system is used in The Phlizon Newest 2000w LED grow lights which makes it unique from LED Grow lights of their era. In these LED Grow Lights, the efficiency and the brightness have been combined at one place. The double chip technology provides full-color spectrum light, ideally good for all indoor plants in particular for Cannabis production.


  • These lights possess extraordinary brightness
  • Cooling fans results are extremely good.
  • These LED Grow Lights are very easy to install, use and maintain.
  • The light package is enclosed with humidity and temperature control.
  • These are very cheap and affordable lights.


  • The light has repeated online complaints about its short lifespan.
  • The light package is not waterproof.

RoleadroGalaxyHydro 2000w

The RoleadroGalaxyHydro 2000W grows light is an innovative addition into LED Grow lights advanced technology. There might be many options available in the market butRoleadroGalaxyHydro 2000W grow light has changed the minds of end-users. The light is a combination of great features like it provides a large array of both IR as well as UR color spectrum with extremely good coverage. This light is recommended to be used for multiplied production and return on investments by growing extremely healthy plants, surely fertile flowers and very nice and flavorful buds having extremely good immunity against various diseases.  RoleadroGalaxyHydro 2000W grows light is an excellent choice for good vegetation and timely blossoming of flowers. The blooming and ready buds seek essential energy from the IR whereas, the vegetation phase required energy is provided by the UR. The buds lighted with RoleadroGalaxyHydro 2000W grows light is bigger, healthy, and reasonably filled with resin. A reasonable number of cannabis cultivators like the RoleadroGalaxyHydro 2000W grows light due to its peculiarity, smartness, special features, and characteristics. Its durability and reliability have been tested and determined for long term users. These lights are eco-friendly and use 50% less energy than any other light of its age. The product is available on the market with a two years company warranty. This is such a generous company which provides money back guaranty if the end-user is not entirely satisfied. The RoleadroGalaxyHydro 2000W grows light is certified by FCC, ROHS, and CE. It draws very less power like 300 watts. It is recommended that the height of the 12 inches to 78 inches for better results.


  • These lights possess a very good ratio of Blue and Red light i.e 1:9.
  • Contains both UV and IR.
  • It has two cooling fans and aluminum covering for improved cooling.
  • It has a good coverage 4 x 4.
  • Daisy chained long-lasting usage with good warranty cover.


  • It has a fixed intensity and cannot be dimmed down.
  • Unlike other lights, it doesn’t have an automated timer.
  • Its spectrum cannot be tailored according to user’s requirement.


HIGROW 2000w LED Grow Light

The Higrow 2000w LED grow light is among the cheaper but efficient LED Grow Lights. These lights are as cheaper as less than 200 US dollars.  The Higrow 2000w LED grow light has been popular among the farmers looking for a contemporary lighting solution for their weed. The light has flawless and perfect features to benefit the user as much as he can. With an elegant body design, it has dimensions perfectly fitting for quick install at any desired location. The light has a total body weight of approximately 3.25 kg or 6.5 pounds.  The light panel comes with 200 LEDs of 10 watts each like previous versions of LEDs provided with dual-chip LEDs. It is Red Blue ratio is 3:1 and it throws a light red or pink color in the grow room. Higrow 2000w LED grow light generates pink light when installed in a grow room along with other shade of colors including Ultraviolent and infrared.  The ambiance provided by the Higrow 2000w LED grow light is very conspicuous and clear when thrown upon the required place. Daisy chain is incorporated in the design of this light thus making it more practical and more useful. Higrow 2000w LED grow light is also very efficient upon energy consumption. Unlike other LED Grow Light have a special feature in the form of two super quality cooling fans. With all its characteristics, Higrow 2000w LED grow light is unique, innovative and creative light which is the available world over easily and on very reasonable prices. In short; Higrow 2000W LED grow light is a smart choice for a farmer.


  • It is long-lasting and durable.
  • Very affordable price.
  • Full-color spectrum lighting system.
  • Very good Blue Red ratio, which perfectly suits the rapid growth of the plants


  • Not waterproof unit.
  • Only two fans which are not sufficient in high-grade light.

Conclusion: Best Recommended 2000w LED Grow Lights

As a user point of view, it has been ascertained that for indoor plants a clear, conspicuous and focused full-spectrum light. The plants also need great care like humans; provision of sufficient essentials like oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, water, and light can give a boost to the growth of the plants.  Among all these essential; the light arrangement is a sensitive and most important for the growth and good production of the plants especially the cannabis. We have gone through characteristics of various 2000 watts LED Grow lights; at this stage, we have to isolate the best LED Grow Light and recommend it for most of the users. Although, all the above-narrated lighting options are more or less same; however, based on their ambience and some special feature we have to help the users to select the most appropriate and the best-suited 2000w LED Grow Lights which could benefit your home garden.


Amongst the above viewed 2000 watts LED Grow Lights, all the lights have their pros and cons so based on their advantages and disadvantages the Higrow 2000w LED grow light is strongly recommended due to being the safest and the cheapest. On the other hand; if you want to have a significant increase in your weed; we recommendBESTVA 2000W LED Grow Light. Though it will cost you a bit higher yet it will not leave you in loss, rather your investment will have a reasonable return. All these lights are manufactured after thorough research and many experiments; therefore, no choice can be said wrong. It varies from situation to situation.  It also depends upon your priorities; if saving is the priority; you will look for some cheaper options. On the contrary, if the quality is the preference; money will not be an issue. Either way, the beneficiary is the user if he uses it correctly, timely and appropriately.