Top 6 Best 100 watt LED Grow Light Reviews

When it comes to LED grow lights, there are so many brands and types to choose from. Manufacturers will try to sell their product based on raw specs alone, citing figures like wattage as though it were a good enough indicator of how well it can help your plants grow. To both newbies and experienced gardeners, the sheer number of options for LED grow lights can be intimidating. Because of this, we’ve looked at dozens of different models and compared them to give you a shortlist of the best 100 watt LED grow lights.

For the purpose of this review, we are comparing only the 100 watt options. As previously mentioned, wattage is only one in several factors which will determine the performance of the LED light. We also take a look at the quality of the LED bulbs and the quality of the LED circuit. Depending on the manufacturer, a certain 50w light can actually perform as well as a 100w light from another brand. Some brands also offer a different type of LED technology that makes them stand out from the competition. And of course, energy efficiency is also taken into account when selecting the best of the best.

We also consider the type of customers who want to buy these kind of products. There are those who will be more price-conscious and may be willing to cut a few features to save some cash. There are those who can spend a bit more but want durability and efficiency to save them money in the long run. There are others who will need a very specific set of features, such as waterproofingif they plan on using the lights for hydroponics. Still there are those who want the latest technology and all the bells and whistles their money can get them. Through this list, we want to provide a viable option regardless of your budget and intended use.

 Best 100 Watts LED chip


PRODUCTCF Grow Waterproof UFO 100WEasy Bright 100w LED grow lightGrowstar UFO 150wCanagrow 100w LED

Outcrop Innovations 100W LED


LOHAS 100 watt LED chip

AVG POWER DRAW50-55W20w62w45-55w23wDepends on voltage
AMAZON PRICE$36.90$24.99$47.56$28.50$21.99$9.51
AMAZON REVIEWS138292875357189
AMAZON STAR RATING4 stars4.5 stars4.5 stars4.5 stars4.5 stars4 stars


CF Grow Waterproof UFO 100W

CF Grow recently launched a 2019 version of their UFO grow light, which uses what the manufacturer calls “flip chip technology”. This makes this new model much more powerful, as it can replace your 150 watt light while being very energy efficient.It consumes just 50-55 watts despite its powerful output. It is also suitable for most types of plants at any growing stage.

This model is also IP67 certified water-resistant. You don’t have to worry about using this model outdoors as it is able to withstand rain and most other weather conditions.It can help your plants grow fast during any time of the year, even during rainy days and winter. With this IP rating it could even double as an aquarium light.

If you are planning to use this indoors, you’ll be happy to know that this device can stay both cool and quiet. Since its body is made of aluminum, it naturally disperses heat. This, coupled with the intelligent cooling system, prevents overheating without the use of noisy fans. So, you can expect this model to keep working for you for a long time, making this a great value at a very reasonable price.

The manufacturers also have plenty of experience in producing LED grow lights, claiming a strong R&D team and great after sales support. Should you run into any issues with your lights, this item is covered by a warranty for 2 years and a 30-day money back guarantee. They also have a technical support team on call everyday to handle any issues or concerns.


  • Comparable to 150w lights
  • No cooling fans, no noise
  • Water resistant


  • Actual coverage not specified

Easy Bright 100w LED grow light

Indoor garden hobbyists don’t need complex lighting systems and don’t want to fiddle with ropes and wiring just to set up their grow lights. With this offering from Haus Bright, you get a powerful, full spectrum LED in a small ergonomic design. Using it is simple enough; all you need is to screw it in any standard screw socket and it is ready to use.For an even more powerful light, you can also purchase a clamp lamp light with reflector separately, although Amazon often bundles these together for an even better value.This could be a great way to save space in your garden, if this is the type of set up you like.

Just like any standard grow light, it is suitable for use at any growing stage, but unlike the competition, this model is very energy efficient at only 20w usage. This means you can grow any type of plant any day of the year without worrying about your electric bill. When it comes to safety, this model also has you covered, with its unique design and materials that prevent overheating without the use of noisy fans.

To add even more value for money, Haus Bright also includes a 24 page free ebook that gives you all the basic information about grow lights, making this model even more suited for beginners and hobbyists.The book covers topics like technical information, market data, and different ways to use your grow lights. Valued at $9.99, the manufacturer is giving it free of charge along with excellent 24 hour customer support.


  • Very energy efficient
  • Simple to install if
  • Free ebook has useful information


  • Socket design might not be suitable for all

Growstar UFO 150 watt LED grow light

More experienced gardeners might want to give the Growstar UFO 150 watt model some serious consideration. Designed to maximize plant growth at any stage, this device uses CREE LED chips that provide a full spectrum of light. Combined with the epiled bulbs, this model was specifically designed with professional lighting and efficiency in mind. It even includes UV and IR, making this the ideal light for a wide variety of plants. It has a coverage area of 2 x 2 ft at 24” so it fits most standard gardens. While it is technically not a 100 watt light, it has the flexibility, power, and efficiency which merit it being included in this list.

It uses up only 62 watts but has a high power conversion because of its aluminum heat sink and heat conducting aluminum base. In spite of this, it doesn’t burn out the plants because the design dissipates heat well. Together with the cooling fan you won’t have to worry about safety issues or the longevity of your lights because this one was built for the long run. It is worth noting however that this model is not waterproof. Still, its raw power and professional grade lights make this a perfect addition to your grow tent, garden, or house plants.

Should you run into some problems during your use of the product, the manufacturer includes a 2 year warranty and professional service, as well as a money back guarantee.They also claim to have tested each product thoroughly so you can feel safe with your purchase.


  • Unique combination of LED technologies to maximize effect
  • Relatively low consumption
  • Good cooling system


  • A bit more expensive than competition

Canagrow 100w LED grow light

If functionality and low price are both important to you, Canagrow offers a sturdy, well-built, and waterproof model at a very competitive price.

The Canagrow 100W LED, like every other grow light on this list, has a full spectrum of light from red to blue to IR and UV. This means that you can use it to promote growth, seeding, and flowering on almost any plant and at any growth stage. Also, since this is waterproof, you don’t have to worry about plant growth slowing down on rainy days because you can still use this light to promote photosynthesis. It can be used indoors and outdoors depending on your preference and plant’s needs.

In addition to its full functionality, it also has intelligent cooling technology which is CE, FCC, and RoHS certified. It does this using its high quality materials that dissipate heat naturally. It is so effective at doing this that it doesn’t even need to use cooling fans. So this model is not just powerful it is quiet and suitable for use even at home.

It also has very low consumption at just 45-55 watts for this 100 watt light. This, combined with its durability and longevity, make it a better buy than most models in the long run. And at its low upfront cost, you won’t be disappointed.


  • Competitive price
  • Waterproof
  • Noise-free cooling system
  • Energy efficient


  • Might be underwhelming for users who want more power

Outcrop Innovations 100 watt LED grow light

Another great screw type LED light is the Outcrop Innovations 100w LED. It uses a specifically calibrated Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR) spectrum for maximum chlorophyll production. This light is a great standard model that can be used by professionals and hobbyists alike because of its power and ease of use in one small simple package.

Unlike the boxy designs of other LED grow lights, this looks more like a desk lamp. As long as you have the socket, you can use this product right away without having to deal with messy ropes and wires. If you don’t have one, Amazon bundles this in with your purchase at a still reasonable $31.98 price tag.

Apart from its already low upfront cost, it is also very energy efficient, clocking in just 23 watts consumption for a light that provides 100 watts power. The manufacturer also claims a long lifespan of 20,000 hours in use, so you can get the most out of your money.

Safety and overheating issues are also resolved because of the materials used in the product. It is made of an aluminum alloy which helps dissipate heat and direct it onto your plants, which further promotes growth. It also doesn’t make use of cooling fans or any mechanical cooling systems so you can bring this indoors without worrying about noise.

Overall, if you operate in a smaller space, prefer a screw-type design to the box or cylindrical LEDs, you can’t go wrong with this model. It is good value for money with all of its features and unique design.


  • High power
  • Compact design
  • Noise-free cooling system
  • Great value for money


  • Not everyone will like the screw type design

LOHAS 100 watt LED Grow Light Chip

If you are a more advanced user who really wants to fully customize your lights, LOHAS sells a 100W LED chip at less than 10 dollars. Bear in mind that it literally is just a chip, so you can just forget about ease of use if that’s what you’re looking for. Still, it is very powerful, providing 8000 lumens pure white light from a very small package.

Among all the items on this guide, this is the most unusual because for one, it doesn’t make use of blue and red lights. Recent studies are now showing that white light is just as effective at promoting plant growth as red or blue lights, so if you have the patience and skills to make your own grow light set-up, this is a product you can seriously consider.

Some of the other items you will need include a base on which to mount your chip. The good thing about this product is that it is compact, so you can set it up in any configuration. You can also purchase a converter separately so that you can control the brightness of the light. Take note though that it does tend to get hot, so you may need to purchase a heat sink or a fan to regulate the temperature.

It might seem like a lot of work and not as affordable, but with the skills and the right sources for additional materials, purchasing this chip can be more cost-effective in the long run. It does have a lot of power and is more flexible to set up in different types of gardens, so it may be worth it to do your research on how to set this up.


  • Compact size
  • Flexible for use in any type of lighting situation
  • Just as effective as full spectrum lights in promoting plant growth
  • Affordable


  • Requires additional skills and materials to use

Conclusion: Best 100w LED

And so ends our comprehensive buying guide on 100W LED grow lights. As previously mentioned, we made our selection based on a variety of factors: price, features, build quality, cooling system, safety, and after sales support. After all, with so many products out there to choose from and so many sellers wanting you to spend your money, we wanted to save you time and bring you the best selection.

But choosing which one you will ultimately end up buying really depends on what you need and what you are willing to spend. If space is an issue then you might want to consider the screw-type lights such as Easy Bright or Outcrop Innovations. Easy Bright is also one of the most affordable and energy efficient models out there, so it’s the best choice for beginners and hobbyists on a budget. Those of you in need of hardier, waterproof models can choose between Canagrow and CF Grow. If you have the time, skills, and the need to fully customize your garden, LOHAS is the best choice for you as it can give you exactly what you need at a very low price.

As for which product we would most recommend, it’s a toss-up between Canagrow and Easy Bright. Both products are easy to set up and offer agreat value at a very competitive price. Canagrow is a solid choice for those who need waterproofing and a product that will last for a long time while Easy Bright is not just affordable, it can help you save on your electric bill too.

But whatever your needs may be, you can’t go wrong with any product on this list. Aside from all the features mentioned, it is worth noting that these products consistently get good reviews. The manufacturers are also well-known and would therefore provide you not just the best product, but the best service as well.