Super Green Malay kratom vs. Maeng Da Kratom- A must read Comparision.

Green Malay kratom vs. Maeng Da Kratom

Both of these strains green Malay kratom and maeng da kratom are very popular for there high potency effects and fast effects. In this article, we will discuss everything which a kratom user should know.

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Since ancient times sedatives have been widely consumed for their relaxing and pain relieving effects.

But the majority of them come with their habit-forming effects. A person who consume it daily will very soon be addicted to it.

But contrarily Kratom is a herb, called Mitragyna speciosa, used to stop drug addictions.

It belongs to the coffee family. It has got no side effects and habit-forming effects. Perhaps it has been used to relieve opiate withdrawal.

It is used to ease people from the pains and reaction that arise after stopping drug consumption.

Moreover, it is used in native countries of southeast Asia as an energy supplement.

It has got many other positive effects which would be highlighted in the following article.

Kratom produces no side effects until its consumed in controllable limits.

Many types of research are being carried out to use it as a cure for many drug addictions.

This drug has its roots in Southeast Asia, in countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.

This plant is found in many forms.

Most popular kratom strains are here.

The basic three types based upon the color of their vein are, red vein Kratom, green vein Kratom and white vein Kratom.

The superiority of this herb is based upon the alkaloid content found in it.

If you want a quick an free guide on kratom its here.

This article will give you a brief comparison between Green Malay Kratom and Maeng Da Kratom. Both of them not only possess their distinct vein color but also have got separate effects and dosage plans.

Super Green Malay kratom

It is a very premium quality powder which is well known over the internet for its high potency. A minimal amount of this powder might be sufficient for the beginner user.

It is also economical as it is available in a significant amount at a low cost. It can be ordered very quickly from the online stores.

Malay leaves are taken in an oval shape. They are easily recognizable because of their dark green toned veins.

Origin of Green Malay:

This type of Kratom has got a profound historical significance.

This is because of its special effects which are the outcome of its geographical location.

The weather of Malaysia is best suited to produce the best quality drug-like ‘Super green Malay’.

The prefix ‘Super’ depicts’ the superior position of this drug in whole Kratom family.

This is due to the intricate process which is produced.

Farmers very carefully handpick the best quality leaves from the plant, which is a very time-consuming process. This ensures that the final product contains a high amount of alkaloid.

Consequently, these alkaloids produce the various effects in the human mind.

Hence they make a significant parameter while measuring the quality of Kratom.

Effects of super green Malay kratom

This vein of Kratom is very superior in its quality. It produces relaxing results and relieves pain.

This helps to build work efficiency of a person as it helps to increase concentration and relieve aches.

Some of its significant effects are:

High energy:

It is best suited for the people who are engaged in high energetic jobs. It will provide them a full day supply of high power without using any caffeinated drinks.


It lifts the human consciousness to a higher level and makes it highly responding. It acts on the opiate receptors to produce delicate effects on your body. It has a euphoric effect and helps to keep you awake.


It immediately sends the relaxing signals to the muscles of your entire body. This has a very soothing effect on the human mind. It helps you to concentrate better and have a long-lasting focus.

Increase immunity:

The alkaloids present in the Kratom acts as an antioxidant for our body. This helps to fight the harmful cells found in our body.


Kratom has very positive effects on the human mind. It helps a person feel very confident and relieve one’s mind for the anxiety and depression.

Sound sleep:

Kratom relaxers all your muscles and normalize the high blood pressure.

This can relieve a person from all sleep-related disorders.

A feeling of calmness prevails over the mind, and it is successful in getting a sound sleep.


Dosage is essential criteria to have proper effects of this strain of Kratom.

As this is the super strain, a mild amount can have a noticeable impact on the mind.

For the safe consequences, 2 grams are enough, if that doesn’t work go for another 1 or 2 gram after 30 minutes. High dose doesn’t cause side effects as such, but it is difficult to control. , and they go through a bad experience.

Therefore it is recommended to be consumed only in a mild amount.

second part of super green malay kraotm vs. maeng da kratom.

Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng da is a strong strain of the Kratom.

It has a prominent effect on the mind in elevating the mood and as an energy booster.

This drug as an ample of information provided over the internet which helps the consumer to attain the best experience out of it.

Origin of Maeng da Kratom:

It is particular kind of strain has its source in Thailand. But because it is banned there, planters settle at the nearby places in Indonesia.

It is made by a unique technique called grafting. This process makes it stronger as during this process it is combined with two more strains.

This process is carefully carried out attain the maximum amount of alkaloid content and some other constituents like Mitragyna,7-hydroxymitragynine.

This makes it a very profound choice of the user.

This is one of the most consumed strains of Kratom.

The invention of this semi-artificial strain was done due to some special conditions.

People in areas like Indonesia has to work to work under extreme weather conditions.

Therefore they needed stronger training to sustain through that environment.

This made them explore the limits of its effects other than getting from the natural one. It produces a unique stimulation effect on the mind which is consistent.

Effects of Maeng Da Kratom

Its results vary from user to user. It depends upon the user’s metabolism and regular intake of the user. Some of the dominant effects of this strain are:

Opiate withdrawal:

This herb is beneficial in relieving the drug craving. Its people to get free from the drug and narcotic addictions. This herb is contrary to the usual medications with no habit-forming effects.

Sexual stimulation:

It helps to increase the blood pressure and improve the duration rates of intercourse. It helps in building libido and enhance male fertility.

Clear mind:

This strain is famous for its soothing effects which help to put our mind in ease. Besides it boost the energy and builds focus.

Anxiolytic activity:

It is an anxiolytic and helps to relieve from the mental problems like anxiety and depression. It controls the hormonal discharge of our body. This also helps in normalizing the mood swings.


It might not be the best painkiller but very helpful for mild pains. It also comes with minor sedative effects. It gives the peak performance during the daytime.

Red vein Maeng da Kratom:

This color of the vein is more sedating and euphoric as compared to other two colors of Kratom.

It is also the bestseller type. Some people get energy from the white vein, and some get it from the red one.

You need to test which type suits you best. For the majority of users, red one is more satisfying.

White vein Maeng da Kratom:

This act as an energy tonic if you take it every morning.

It has a refreshing effect and supplies the energy required throughout the day.

It cures sleeplessness and helps to get a sound sleep.

Green vein Maeng da Kratom:

This vein is known for building emotional control. It helps to stabilize the chemical discharge of the body. This, in turn, helps to cure mood swings and emotional imbalance.


While using any strain of Kratom, the dosage is a significant factor because its effects vary with the amount of drug consumed.

For beginners its 1-1.5 grams, the minor dosage is 2-3 grams, moderate dosage 3-5 grams, high dosage 5 grams and more.

Conclusion super green malay kratom vs. maeng da kratom

It might be hard to say that super green vein Kratom is better or Maeng Da. Both have their benefits. Their effects are different from each other. Perhaps they individually have different effects on different people.

They both share a common property that they can act as an energy booster. In case of green Malay it works well in relaxing muscles and eases the mental and physical tension.

This type has more sedating effects. It helps to clear mind.

This infers that it is best for the people who need focus for their work.

On the other hand, Maeng da is known for its mood uplifting action.

It is used by the people in Thailand to survive the harsh conditions.

Hence it works well for the people who have got a hacktik protein. It also helps in building a stable emotional state.

Given above mentioned is a basic outline of the effects of both types of Kratom.

Although these effects might differ from person to person.

Therefore the best advice is to choose a couple of them which seems to fit your requirements best.

Henceforth experiment with the different types and select the one which works best on you.