Red vietnam kratom – Benefits, dosage and side effects

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red vietnam kratom

The practice of using kratom leaves as a supplement for medicinal purpose or for boosting mood, or for energy level enhancement has been a practice for thousands of years. In this article we will talk about a very important strain red vietnam kratom.

Belonging to the family of Mitragynine speciosa tress, the native people of south east Asia has been using the leaves for years without knowing the benefits.

And, with time, we goet to process those leaves into different forms for consumption and also, we get to find different kinds of leaves, different kinds of kratom.

Few of those kratom types include maeng da kratom, vietnam kratom- red vietnam kratom & green vietnam kratom, thai kratom, white vein kratom and so forth. With each having few similar effects like mood enhancement, energy boost, few of them are well-known for their specific properties like analgesic properties, sedative properties etc.

Initially people used to take leaves directly to get the energy boost but, now we have powders, capsules, teas and so much. Also, there are a wide range of kratom strain with different effects and one of them we would be reviewing today is red type of Vietnam Kratom.

With the red Vietnam kratom review, we will get to know all the important stuffs about the strain like what is red Vietnam kratom, where does it come from, benefits, effects, side-effects, dosage, where to buy red Vietnam kratom and much more.

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What is Red Vietnam Kratom?

Although, for any buyer or seller in American regions or European regions, Red Vietnam kratom can be pretty new but, the fact remain that Vietnam has been cultivating and using kratom several years before us.

In fact, from thousands of years, the native people of the region had been using Vietnam strain for several purpose mainly including medicinal and also as an ingredient of their treatment recipe. But, as in terms of effects change which any kratom users always seeks out for, red Vietnam strain can be great kick-start.

As in the American market, it’s been hardly two or three years that the strain has been available commercially for users to buy. But, with the reviews and benefits of this strain, it surely seems to a hit among regular kratom users.

Source of this kratom strain.

We do know that most of the kratoms are cultivated in the regions of Thailand, Malaysia and such regions. There is also a history with Vietnam strain that they has always been in the Vietnam forests for several years, for example, the Red Vietnam kratom was always used in several medicinal purposes.

Actually, the forests in SouthEast Asia has been sources of many natural herbs and medicinal plants. The Red Vietnam strain leaves itself is grown in abundance here, the only catch is its cultivation, and finally processing of those leaves to bring them for commercial purposes.

The perfect climatic/weather conditions on the bank of a river named Mekong with wide and dense forest has been well known for production of vietnam strains.

Effects of Vietnam Kratom

Like many of other kratoms, the leaf color differentiates this strain into 3 types, with each having different kind of effects on the mind and body. Though, if we talk overall red Vietnam kratom reddit review, the effects are very sophisticated and pleasing as in the effects on the mind and the body.

The three kind of Vietnam leaves are- red, white & green. Of course, the red one is the strongest among them.

Let’s see few of the good effects/benefits of Red Vietnam kratom on user’s mind and body:

  • Pain-Killing effects:

Analgesic properties is one of those properties shown by many kratom, and sure, red Vietnam kratom pain-killing effects are not among strongest of them. But, the application is great and is an superb replacement for artificial pain-killing drugs.

  • Stress-Releasing effects:

The amount of alkaloid in red Vietnam is around 25% which is higher as compared to other types of kratom. And, we do know the higher the amount of alkaloids, the higher are the energy enhancing effects. Energy enhancing automatically leads to stress-release, mood-booster, staying active, and motivated.

Besides, in case of people with log-term depression issues can really take a great advantage from kratoms like this kratom strain.

Though, these are very common features of any kratom, there are few things that really differentiates the red vietnam kratom from other kratoms.

Different between Red Vietnam kratom & other strains

  • First thing first, according to the red Vietnam kratom reddit reviews, the response time of this kratom is really fast as compared to other strain which is a good thing if you want mood kick at you time.
  • One very common complain among kratom users is that effects duration. Good news is that in this case, the red vietnam kratom user reviews tells that the effects are long-lasting and is much greater than other kratom strains.

Although, the duration of effects may depend on how frequent user you are of kratom, if you are a regular user, you may feel the effects till up to 8 hrs., and it can be more for new users.

  • The bitter taste of kratom has also been an constant issue with kratom users. Again, the surprise is that red Vietnam kratom taste is actually sweet, so you may would really want to try this. Usually, people do mix their kratom intake with food so as to avoid the taste.
  • In case of new users, believe it or not, but taste is a major factor, like alcohol. Not everyone wants to try out bitter things, and usually, it leads to mild stomach issues to them. But the case is not the same in case of red vietnam kratom as for even new users, taste can’t be a hindrance in trying out.

Ideal dosage of Red Vietnam Kratoms

The dosages for any kratom strain are usually same, but, in any case it always important to avoid any case of over-dosing. So, it is wise to read the dosage before you intake any substance be it kratom strain or an affiliated drug.

And, in order to get the pleasant effects, you would want to hand in between the balance of a low dosage and high dosage I.e Ideal dosage. Though, there can’t be a fixed number for an ideal dosage of red Vietnam kratom as it varies based on number of parameters. Few of parameters may be your experience with kratom usage, your health status, age and so forth.

As in case of this strain, the ideal dosage may come around between 2-8g. For regular users, that’s a best quantity to experience the pleasing effects. But, for new users, it’s best to start with 1 or 2 grams, and later based on the effects and your experience, you can slowly increase the dosage until you reach the sweet spot.

Where to buy Red Vietnam Kratom strain?

It’s been just 2 or 3 years since this kratom strain has been available online, and if you are looking for red Vietnam kratom buy online options, you can always go out to your favorite online kratom stores to check if they have the kratoms.

We have been doing some research to check out the availability of this kratom strain for American market and, there are plenty of websites selling them in different forms including powder, capsules. For example, there is selling powder of this strain at an amazing price of 10.99$.

Similarly, there is selling red Vietnam kratom capsules online.But always remember before buying from vendor, I.e to red out the description of what they are selling.

Legality of red Vietnam Kratom strains

Though, Vietnam has been unknowingly using Kratom as a medicinal recipe for thousands of years, the legality of the kratom in the region is still unclear.

This unclearance on the legality in the region overall affects the international trade of this herb. This is one of the reasons why you cannot find red Vietnam kratoms online at every vendor.

Conclusion on kratom strain.

Yes, there is some legality concerns in Vietnam, the lead producer of Vietnam strains including this strain, or green or white. And, that affects overall International trade and availability of the kratom strain the market.

But, based on the red Vietnam kratom user reviews, one thing is for sure that you can really get a change with this kratom.

As a kratom regular users, we always seek out for something new, and this is the one. For example, the fragrance is beautiful in this strain including taste which is actually sweet (Instead of bitter in case of other kratom strains). Also, the effects are completely pleasing in ideal dosages.

Try out this new Red Vietnam Kratom strain and please do share your experience with us in the comments section below.