Taking Kratom During Pregnancy

Some people might gawk at the idea of taking Kratom during pregnancy, while others might raise an eyebrow in curiosity. Whatever sort of person you are, I invite you to read the story of my honest experience, right here. Let me begin by answering the big conundrum straight away. Yes, I took Kratom while I was pregnant.

That was two years ago. Now, I am a 28-year-old mom, raising a healthy and happy baby in the best family-friendly environment I could possibly give. I know how lucky I am! Allow me to walk you through some online research I found and compare them with what I went through myself regarding my Kratom journey during my pregnancy.

Why I Decided to Take Kratom During Pregnancy

While nurturing a child inside your own body is a beautiful, life-changing experience, no mother can forget the tough and painful side of pregnancy. I remember the terrible backaches, the constant migraine, and the overall soreness of my body. I don’t know how other working mothers did it because I was hardly functional during my pregnancy.

All of these symptoms were so easily alleviated with a daily dose of one herb, and that’s really all that Kratom is – an herb. There are no scientific studies proving that taking Kratom during pregnancy can do any real harm to the baby. It’s a plant; it relieved my body pain and migraine.

Take note, there are no complications that came up during the pregnancy, so I kept taking it.

Where and How I Did My Research on Kratom

As I said, there was not much science to rely on when I was considering taking Kratom during pregnancy. The only places to turn to were online forums, chats, and close friends. There aren’t really a lot of credible sources out there, and the results were highly varied.

According to Redstorm Scientific, there was a report of withdrawal symptoms in the baby, who had to stay in the NICU for a number of weeks after labor. Despite this, other mothers faced no issues and freely used the substance to overcome the symptoms of their pregnancies.

Some couples confessed to never even trying it, mostly because it’s illegal in some places so doctors can’t exactly recommend it. Maybe going against the prescriptions of those doctors was a bit of a gamble, but in the end, my aching back and headaches told me it was worth giving a shot.

How Taking Kratom Affected Me During My Pregnancy

Kratom Pregnancy

As mentioned above, Kratom relieved all sorts of pain running through my body at that time. Although I was free from all of that, I should warn that there were still a few negative side effects.

One thing was constipation, which I won’t describe too much in detail. Other than that, I absolutely hated the stomach pain. Another downside was my morning sickness. I was somehow light-headed whenever I woke up nearly every day while taking Kratom during pregnancy.

My morning sickness might have taken a toll on my work. Still, the feeling was only affecting me for that part of the day, as opposed to the pregnancy symptoms that I would have had to endure 24 hours per day.

Weighing all this against the pain I had been previously feeling, it wasn’t all that hard to make the trade.

Bottom line: Is Taking Kratom During Pregnancy a Good Idea?

Kratom Powder

Personally, everything worked out well for me, and I didn’t face any repercussions from taking Kratom while I was pregnant.  The thing is, I can’t say entirely whether or not it was a good idea for other soon-to-be moms out there, or if it should really be done.

After reading all those theories on how my Kratom intake could have affected my baby, it left me thinking. It had already harmed so many families before me. There was still that possibility. But then, I realized that there are good reviews regarding Kratom use, and so I tried. So far, everything turned out great.

While there is no scientific proof against taking Kratom during pregnancy, there hasn’t been any research done in favor of it, either. In conclusion, you can rely on reviews and recommendations before using Kratom. Every mother has a different pregnancy journey, which makes every Kratom intake different as well.

How Could You Withdraw from Kratom During Pregnancy

If after reading this, you decided that Kratom is too risky for your child, then it’s alright! If you’re already taking it, you need to know how to ease off of it safely.

To do this, doctors recommend slowly tapering off dosage to avoid withdrawal symptoms. These could affect the mother by making her irritable and irrational, unable to work, or causing her to have jerky limb movements.

Even worse, it could affect the child by making the womb contract and forcing the mother into early labor. Coming off of Kratom during pregnancy can be even riskier than taking it if the mother isn’t careful enough with the way she paces her dosage.

Start gradually reducing the number of times you take it within the day, and then take it every other day, then not at all.

Confession: I Don’t Regret Being a Kratom Mom

Despite the risks I took, my decision was well worth it in the end. Taking Kratom didn’t hinder my pregnancy; it got me through the difficult and painful parts of it. I truly appreciate the experience that I went through, and I remember it fondly as I watch my healthy two-year-old child continues to grow healthy and smart.

Ultimately, I am grateful that I was able to enhance that experience by taking Kratom during pregnancy, without running into any troubles.