Socal Kratom Review, Side effects and Different Strains.

In this critical post we will talk about the Socal kratom brand. As you know, Kratoms have been known for a long time for their effective cure to long term disorders like stress and anxiety and also for positive temporal effects to the issues of depression and bad mood.

Apart from that, they are also proven and testimonies by their users to be helpful for mental boosters and mood enhancement.

Through our last several posts, we got to know about a different kind of kratoms including white Maeng da, red kratom, white dragon and different kind of kratoms. Including them, we also got to know their effects- both positive and negative, dosage, how to take them and so forth. We will be discussing – Socal Kratom.

When it comes to positive mental effects through kratoms like enhanced mental health, nothing can be better than Socal Kratom. And, if we go over the internet, it can be quickly concluded that they are very affordable over a few other kinds of kratoms.

The brand has to offer a wide variety of natural herbs and remedies for all of your needs including painkiller, mood enhancer, mental health booster and so forth.

With the daily dosage of stressed life, no wonder we all at some point had to deal with stress and anxiety, and in a few cases, severe forms of mental pressure.

Among such audience, Socal kratom has been a favourite brand in kratoms for dealing with psychological pressure their side-effects. It’s plausible, who wouldn’t prefer a hit of relaxedness and stress release over mind and body during hard times.

And, This kratom has been known for a long time to being helpful during those condition and get them better.

Although, some people do confuse those effects with the effects of drugs, and it’s understandable at a time, because of similar positive outcomes from the drugs.

But, not to ignore, the drugs may have a lot of other side-effects, but not is the case in Socal Kartom- A natural herb. For example, the pain-killing effects of drugs we do confuse as a very positive of drugs may actually be causing more long-term troubles than the positive results, and in few cases, can eventually turn you into a drug addict while that is not the thing at all when it comes to socal kratom remedies, a natural herb-based remedy available at a very affordable price.

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Socal Herbal Strains

socal kratom review
Socal kratom’s best strains

Although, there is a lot of different kind of Socal herbal kratom that are available in the market, and trying each one of them can be both difficult and an expensive approach for you. And, that is why we have narrowed few of the best herbal Socal kratom strains for you.

  • Chocolate Red Bentuangie: Killing the mood! The phrase sound very heard often. The mood is something we barely have very control over. But, it is essential to start your day with a fresh and happy feeling. And this Socal kratom herbal strain can be beneficial when it comes to mood uplifting. A good mood ultimately uplifts your state of mind and productivity.
  • Green Vietnam: Different types strains of this brand have various benefits and effects, so it would be helpful for you if you know the benefits up front and choose the strain suited for your need. This strain is mostly liked for positive vibes, refreshed mind effects and overall energy uplifting.
  • So, if you feel tired all day, then, Green Vietnam herbal strain is the one suited for you.
  • Elephant: We do know how doctors use different kind of pain-killing drugs during operations on patients to minimise the pain. Similar to those, Elephant herbal Socal kratom strain is known for its pain-killing effects; for example, they can be useful in migraine treatments.
  • Green Hulu Kapuas: This will be probably one of the best Socal kratom strains known mainly for their long-lasting effects. The duration of the impact after strain in taking often varies from strains to strains. For example, Green Vietnam can have effects up to 3-4 hrs. But, Green Hulu Kapuas can have effects much longer than that, and that can also depend on the user, the quantity intake. We would suggest starting with small quantity and with time, you would be able to find an optimum dosage suited for you.

Available kinds of Socal kratom

The Socal kratom strains are available in the different form in different regions. In few places, the kratoms are available directly in the form of leaves coming from the tree which you can consume through various means like tea, or crush them to make a powder and mix it in with other food.

Or, they are available in capsule forms, which is basically, the crushed form of leaves filled into a capsule. Another form of consuming them is in the way of smoke, and actually, they have long effects for up to 7 hrs.

Positive sides of Socal kratoms over drugs:

socal kratom
Positive side of socal kratom

Since people do confuse Socal kratom strains as a drug, let’s point out a few of the top positive side of Socal kratom herbal strains:

  • It is an entirely safe kratom if used responsible
  • Sold as a legal kratom in most parts of the world
  • Every drug has negative effects, even the FDA approved ones, but in case of this strain, there are very few harmful effects, and none of them is severe
  • The recreational healing effects are marvellous
  • Even in the case of side-effects, they are only temporary and vanished within a few hours
  • Made up of only natural ingredient
  • Known for reducing inflammation in the body
  • The pain-relieving effects are beneficial, for example in a case of treatment
  • Anti-toxic
  • The recreation effects make it an anti-diarrheal medicine
  • Increases metabolism and energy level thus can be taken before a workout

How/When to take Socal kratom herbal strains

When it comes to consuming any substance be it medicated drugs, herbal strains, even the FDA approved capsules, taking consideration of the dosage is of paramount importance.

In the case of Socal kratom herbal strains, you can always consult a doctor for the perfect dosage for your body. Usually, there is no recommended dosage because the same amount of strain can have a different level of effects on the different body- may vary with body size, body’s ability to consume and so forth. So, one can always consult a doctor before intaking them or read the dosage on the package, because the level of effects also varies with the assortments of strains.

And, another important thing to care is the proper time to consume. For example, we often do ask doctors when to take the medicine, the same applies here. Timing is also a parameter for the benefits and side-effects. For instance, you should never take any Socal kratom strain before sleeping. If you are looking for energised effects, you can take a capsule before your workout routine.

Although, we do not recommend a perfect dosage for any user as they vary on its kind and person, in the case of capsules, it should never be more than two capsules.

Socal Kratom – The Company

Now that we had discussed a lot about Socal kratom herbal products reviews effects, let’s get to know a few things about the company offering those products.

First thing first, product freshness is what users admire of this family-based organisation based out of California. Their products vary from Socal kratoms to herbs, teas, essential oils, and different kind of herbal products at a very reasonable and affordable price.

Shipping- It’s mostly same day delivery service within the U.S which is really great for 6.9$ as the flat delivery cost for any customer.

Few of the famous herbal Socal kratom products include Red Maeng Da, white Cambodian, Elephant, Premium White Sunda, Green Hulu Kapuas and so forth. To ensure the product freshness, they do put a batch of product date on their products which makes them thoroughly providing among their customers.


Although the company has a wide assortment of products to offer including herbal teas, herbal Socal kratom strains, cannabidiol products, essential oils, herbal soaps, kava and so forth, you must read the products description before buying or using any of those products.

For example, you may like to a pre-understanding of the possible effects of the products.And, when it comes to this brand, you can always double check here with the possible effects you may be getting. Again, keeping consideration of dosage would be the smartest thing while consuming any kind of kratoms.