Best Kratom For Pain and Anxiety – A complete guide (2020)

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Many users say that kratom for pain is real.


  • Some facts about kratom
  • Different ways by which users utilize the best kratom for pain
  • Best Kratom for pain
  • Best kratom for energy and focus
  • Kratom as stimulant
  • Best kratom for intense pain or Neurological uses of kratom


Some facts about kratom:

It is no secret that many strains of kratom are used for pain and extra energy.

Kratom is a tropical species of plants and usually found in many parts of Asia. The south-eastern part of Asia is where they are more frequently found and a lot of kratom strains exported to different parts of the world originate from these parts.

Many medicinal plants have been implicated in the treatment of many disease conditions and kratom is no different.

So, Besides its therapeutic uses, kratoms have also found a rampant recreational use due to their opioid properties. However, the focus of this article is the therapeutic uses of kratom and so we will be looking at the best kratom for pain amongst other things.

Different ways by which users intake kratom for pain

In areas where the growth of this medicine plant is rampant, it is not uncommon to see people use kratom for pain and anxiety.A preferred mode of administration of the bioactive substances in this plant by locals is chewing of the leaves. But, In other parts of the world, the kratoms are administered into the body as capsules and sometimes in a fine powdery form.

This releases the plant juices that relieve muscular and skeletal pains in the body.But the best kratom for pain isn’t the one that just helps you get rid of that throbbing backache or the lingering rheumatoid feeling in your ankles. Kratoms exert their effects by interacting with endorphin receptors in the body that are responsible for alleviating pain.

You know the kratom is really good when it does more than help your joints keep up for a few extra miles during a walk. I’m talking about a kratom for pain and anxiety.

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Here’s the most important and interesting section of the guide:

Best kratom strain for pain

  • Maeng da kratom as best kratom for pain

Many of the best kratoms will treat pain and throw in an additional bonus. The Maeng da kratom for pain is a good example.

Among many quarters of kratom buffs, this strain is often referred as one of the strongest strains of kratoms, and one with the highest potency as far as pain alleviation is concerned.

The facts are not clear as to whether this is indeed the strongest one there is, but one thing is clear, it does a pretty good job at what it is made to do.

All kinds of pain from chronic joint aches, to the pains from arthritic knuckles, and even as far as pains caused by tumor cells are targeted by this strain.

You should know:

There is no properly documented kratom dosage for pain relief, but it is advisable that people in pain take considerably high doses of best kratom for pain to get the full benefits.

  • Indo Kratom

Another popular strain is the Indo Kratom. This strain has received praises to the high heavens for its rare efficacy in pain management.Few other kratoms helped people manage pain ever so well as they do. Their potency often alludes to the active component mitragynine. This makes it an effective means of alleviating pain.

An equally potent – maybe more potent – use of the Indo kratom is in the treatment of depression and anxiety disorders.

It is not uncommon to see people use indo kratom for anxiety as it does the job almost as well as your average lithium drug.This strain is prevalent in the tropical parts of Indonesia and this is how it derived its name.It is a potent alleviator of all forms of anxiety and helps you improve your social skills to a great extent.

what other people think:

People who have complained of a lack of confidence in their lives due to one stressor or another have found the Indo kratom a sanctuary for their troubles.

  • Red Bali kratom

A poll conducted among kratom users saw Red Bali emerge as the best for relieving pain and aiding relaxation.

red bali for pain
red Bali section

Contrary to the Indo Kratom which got its name from its origin, Indonesia, the Red Bali’s origin isn’t Bali, but the Amazonian rainforest of the island of Borneo.

According to some accounts, the name originates from harvesters of the strain who shuffle between both islands.This contradiction in nomenclature might be perplexing,but even more perplexing is the wonder the Red Bali Kratom can perform on parts of the body that are a source of pain and discomfort.

Here’s the deal:

Many people consider the Bali Kratom to be the cream of the crop (pun intended!).

It is widely considered as the best kratom for pain and energy.

Red Bali kratom for pain and energy

Not only does it help with excruciating skeletal pain, drastically reducing the intensity to the barest minimum, it also supplies a burst of energy for users.


Imagine being incapacitated at a joint due to a very disturbing pain, Bali Kratom helps eliminate that pain and at the same time supplies the much-needed energy for muscular activity at the site of the said joint.

The economic implications of any mode of treatment whether traditional or conventional is an important factor that many take into consideration. Many people will avoid any therapeutic measure that requires them to dig deep into their pockets, and understandably so.

With Red Bali Kratom, your worries are lessened because it is generally considered as the cheapest kratom. For its effectiveness and cost-friendliness, it is not surprising that many consider it to be the best.

Most strains of kratoms are potent inhibitors of neurological stress markers and the Red Bali is not left out.It is a close second to the Indo Kratom strain as the best kratom for anxiety and depression. It is a potent relaxer of the mind and helps keep anxiety and depression at a fair distance away.

  • Bentuangie Kratom

There is a much less known strain of kratom known as the Bentuangie Kratom. There is a growing interest in this strain of kratom among chiropractors and users alike.

This strain has been reported to relieve all kinds of pain with a staggering potency.

leaf of kratom
Bentuangie Kratom section

It has been compared by many to the Red Bali strain due to its ability to completely eliminate pains at the joints.

If you’re looking for a fast-acting source of pain relief, the Bentuangie Kratom probably shouldn’t be your go-to strain because it takes quite a bit of time to deliver its analgesic components into your body system, but when it does, you’ll be better off for it. Bentuangie is quite a powerful reliever of pain eliminating even the most unbearable of pains.

Many people have reported Bentuangie to be the best kratom for social anxiety because it doesn’t just dull the senses to pain receptors, it also commonly straightens users out in the head, making them calm and focused, and eliminates any jittery feelings that result from anxiety.

Best kratom for energy and focus

A jumping man in energy from kratom
Best kratom for energy

Kratoms have built a stellar reputation that has spread from the dense forests of the Amazonian jungle to the temperate grasslands of North America.

Easily cited for their ability to relieve mild to jaw-clenching pain, their ability to provide energy has caught the interest of many aficionados of unorthodox medicine.

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In addition to all these,

kratom is also used to relieve stress and as a sedative. The condition known as brain-fog is well targeted by kratom and as such makes it a good means to clear your head. When people take in a reasonable dose of kratom, they experience an overall heightened state of mental and physical well being.

This heightened state of physical wellbeing is as a result of an energy burst initiated by bioactive compounds in the kratom.

This best for whom?

It is said to be very useful for athletes and hard labor workers who have a constant demand for energy and increasing their endurance. Kratoms serve this group of individuals ever so well. Mental wellbeing also follows as anxiety is reduced and brain-fog is cleared.

Users find inner strength within themselves and are better able to deal with stress from their daily activities

Popular kratom strains for energy and focus

Due to their widely accepted ability to provide energy, the question of which kratom is best for energy is never far from the minds of many.It is, in fact, true that the amount of energy obtained after a kratom therapy depends on the strain of kratom used. Different strains have an uneven distribution of alkaloids and these alkaloids are responsible for relieving pain and providing energy amongst other things.

I recently stumbled upon the best kratom for energy Reddit thread and I can’t say I was surprised as the Maeng Da strain stood head and shoulder above all the others as most users’ choice of kratom for energy and focus Which is best kratom for pain also.

Many people who have used this strain of kratom reported an intense energizing feeling coupled with an increase in productivity because they could really focus on what they had to do.Still, on kratom use for energy, a close second to the Maeng Da strain in terms of energy provision was the Bali strain.

A good number of people tilted to this strain as their preferred source of energy.

A couple of grams of Red Bali in its powdered form sometimes mixed with a source of caffeine is reportedly a great source of energy. Many other popular strains of kratom also got a fair shot.

The message is obviously clear; most kratoms strains will ease pain and provide energy. A disparity only exists in the amount of energy these different strains can provide to users.

Kratom as stimulant

Brain image
Do kratom really help in stimulation?

Kratom has been known to be an excellent stimulant plant. They have been reportedly used to increase memory and cognitive abilities in many people.The beauty of kratom use is that it lacks the pharmacology of other psychotropic drugs, inducing the desirable effect without engineering any alteration to the users’ state of mind.

They can be classified under a broader family of plants known as the nootropics.

As far nootropic kratoms are concerned, the Green Malay is unarguably the pick of the litter. It helps people with a clouded mind attain clarity with a surreal potency.It also greatly helps improve their moods making them feel lighter and motivated. Its qualities and components make it one of the most frequently cited as the best kratom for anxiety and depression.

The Borneo Kratom is also an excellent choice for relieving stress and battling depression.Individuals who use the Borneo Kratom report a much improved mental well-being state. It provides peace of mind and helps users relax a great deal.

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The Borneo is not a sedative and at the same time does not induce insomnia making a top choice among nootropic kratoms.

Best kratom for intense pain or Neurological uses of kratom

A diseased state can give rise to severe damage and malfunctioning of the nerves. This condition is known as neuropathy and causes pain levels that are known to drive men to madness.In peripheral neuropathy where nerves outside the central nervous system are affected, an intense pain around the shoulders and hips is experienced.

It gets worse,

Victims have compared this sort of pain as being bathed with gasoline and stabbed with the burning end of a cigarette. All this leads to the question that has been on your mind for the last minute or so; does kratom help with neuropathy?

Many accounts have reported that kratom does help considerably in relieving neural pain without any of the side effects that other opioid drugs such as marijuana at equal doses leave. Not only does it relieve stress without altering the mental state of the user, it also reduces the stress caused by the pain it targets.

So yes, kratom for nerve pain is a highly recommended course of action from this end. it does not escape me for one moment that kratom may become addictive due to its huge potential to be abused.

That is why I recommend,

that any user who intends to partake does so by first getting a volunteer who is going to serve as a strict guidance on your quest to defeat pain.

The right dose that alleviates your pain and keeps you in the right mental state should be determined before the commencement of your therapy, and this dose must be strictly adhered to.

The kratom strains that relieve muscular and skeletal pain will do the job almost as well when it comes to relieving nerve pain.

The most popular strain, the Red Bali, will do a good job relieving the pain of anyone going through the horrors of neuropathy.

what’s the bottom line?

Conclusion on best kratom for pain and enhanced energy

Many people have developed a tolerance to the conventional pain medications available to us and as a result, they may do little or nothing to help ease their pain.

The kratoms are highly popular and widely accepted therapeutic agents for pain in all its tedious forms. They are also excellent sedatives, energizers, and mood enhancers.

They will not only deal with your pain, but they’ll also leave you in much better spirits and make you feel better overall.

The best kratom for any problem varies among different people. Where one person reports the Maeng Da to be the best kratom for pain and energy, another person says it’s the Red Bali that floats his boat.

Most kratoms perform one or more of these functions ever so well depending on the user. The trick is finding which one works best for whatever problem you might have, and when you do, you get to experience a refreshing feeling of a rebirth.


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