Kratom For Your Heart: A Complete Guide

We will study today about a few factors about the Kratom Strains and how does it affect the human heart. There are many theories behind it that will help us understand about Kratom and its effects.

What is Heart

We all know that we have a heart and we have studied about it in our school times as well. But just to be clear for those who forget about the functions of the heart. It is an organ that supplies oxygen to our bodies. The heart pumps the blood throughout our human body. It helps in the removal of carbon monoxide. The human heart is made up of three layers which are called endocardium, myocardium, and epicardium. Our heart is located in the middle of the human chest. The right side of the heart receives the blood and it pumps to the lungs. After that, the blood returns to the left side. The heart also has four valves that act as the gate. There function is to keep the blood moving in the right direction. The names of them are Aortic Valve, Mitral Valve, Pulmonary valve, and Tricuspid Valve.

A lot of people with age get heart problems and it’s very important to keep our heart function properly. The main problem of heart comes with age is Blood Pressure. For those who do not know how blood pressure takes place? It’s the measure of the blood flow in the arteries. It’s responsible for the blood to deliver the heart in the right direction and with the right speed. The blood has pressure in order to flow in the body in a certain matter of time. The heart has a heartbeat which helps the heart to contract and relaxes. The heartbeat can increase when we do any exercise.

Kratom for the Human Heart

A lot of people worry if they have heart conditions and they can still consume Kratom. The question is right to ask but there is no scientific theory which proves if the consumption of Kratom is safe or unsafe. For our cardiovascular system to run in an effective way we need to make sure the heart pumps the blood properly. Kratom has stimulant effects on our body and thus provides the energy as well. Kratom does act as a booster. Those who do not know what is kratom Strains and its origin let us tell you bit more about it before we discuss the role of kratom affecting the human heart. That way it will give a better understanding of the Kratom and Human Heart.

What are Kratom Strains

The scientific name is Mitragyna Speciose and also known as Kratom. It is a plant that grows in South- East Asia. It is also found in some parts of Africa. It is now imported to many of the western countries because of its high demands. Kratom is found in different colors and they all look different from one another. There are few Kratoms which have a stimulating effect. The other will gives you calming effects and soothing effects. Some Kratoms will give mixtures of effects that relaxes the body and mind. It is best to know which Kratom is suitable for one individual in order to take the most benefits from it. It can provide mental well-being and great benefits to health. Kratom is now widely used to lose weight and the demand is growing rapidly. Kratom strains are used as analgesics to reduce the pain and act as painkillers. They can also be used and can be replaced for the morning coffee routines. It is also useful for those who are suffering from depression and anxiety issues. That will keep the individual calm and in a peaceful mind. It has no side effects like other herbal products.

Side Effects of Kratom

The side effects of using Kratom have come out with the number of side effects in the list. They can be: Vomiting, Chills in the body, Nausea, Weight Loss, Damaging Liver, Leaves the Mouth Dry and it also causes Muscle Pain.  Kratom consumption can also cause the following problems such as hallucinations, dizziness, seizures, depression, and drowsiness.

Kratom is a plant that is grown in different parts of the world such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and in some parts of Africa. This product has not been banned yet. Kratom is advertised in such a way that it is focused more on its profitable benefits that telling the truth about its side effects. It claims that it can treat people with dependency and it gave false hope to treat the people. There was this case where nearly 400,000 people have died consuming dependency product with overdose in 1999. Kratom is labeled that it can help people to leave the dependency and abusing the other dependency products if they switch to Kratom. Studies have shown that even Kratom contains abusive properties and if used in overdose, it can have some serious adverse effects such as death.

Kratom ‘Traditional Use’

Kratom has been used in the form of traditional medicine. Kratom leaves can be chewed which will act as pain relief. It will increase the energy in the body thus acts as an energy booster. When the energy is boosted in the human body, it will affect the heart. The heart will pump the blood faster and the heartbeat may become faster. The Kratom leaves have been used to make medicine once crushed and applied on the top of the wounds. It also enhances mood. It has been used while we worship our ancestors. It tastes bitter and sometimes a sweetener is added to consume it as a snack.

Effects of Kratom on Human Heart

Kratom has a sedative property that can affect our heart in various ways. The problems can occur with various heart problems or there can be none. If the heart rate is low, cardiovascular problems can come along the way and if the heart rate is high it leads to different heart conditions. The use of Kratom in higher doses can lead to its sedative effect. It affects overall the body and thus effects heart rate. It can make the heart beat runs slower than usual. That will affect the pumping of the blood and can make the person get a bit drowsy. The drowsiness effects come from the lack of supply of oxygen to the brain and thus the body to function properly. People who have asthma problems are dangerous to intake Kratom in a higher dose. It can suffocate the person with asthma problems. Once Kratom acts as a sedative the lack of oxygen supply can lead to a person to suffocate. Kratom can slow down the breath intake and its dangerous. Some people can go in the coma as well when the supply of the oxygen cuts down. But again, there are no scientific studies. Companies selling Kratom products making lots of money. The vendors were given lots of warnings as there are lots of Kratom products been banned.


Kratom is used as a sedative. In lower doses, it acts as a stimulant and provides an individual with lots of energy. It helps treat the pains in the body. Using Kratom can also lead to one to have an addiction. There are a lot of Kratom products on the market. The Golden Monk company also supplies various kratom products. Lots of products come with the description but one needs to be alert. Alert for dosage consumption. It is always advisable to seek advice about how much dosage should be consumed. Kratom claiming it treats many diseases like anxiety and depression but once it is taken in overdoes then acts as a sedative and can lead to the death bed. U.S board of health organizations has told to ban kratom until scientific studies have been carried out but it’s a big network and cannot be stopped easily. Kratom works for the heart or not depends on the individual. There is no legal proof that people consuming Kratom can lead to any cardiovascular disease. But people who have cardiovascular problems have to be careful with Kratom intake. So, I can suggest before using Kratom products it is advisable to know and read the instructions about the Kratom.

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