Cheap Dab Rigs: The Best Dab Rigs Under $100

So you’ve joined the movement, or you’re thinking about it? Yeah, the dabbing movement. Call it the butane hash oil train if you like. But you can’t deny that it’s a miraculous invention in every stoner’s world. Except you’re doubting the experts who say it’s a fantastic way of consuming marijuana, there’s no reason not to start. And you don’t need a fortune to get involved. There are cheap dab rigs  also called as oil or wax rigs – around for even under $100.

Yeah, you heard me right. But how did this whole craze start? And what’s dabbing?

A dab is actually a dose of concentrate oil or wax. And the dab rigs are the tools you need to inhale these vaporized concentrates. So you can say dabbing is the process of taking in a dab with a dab rig. Not clear enough? Dabs are made by getting the active constituents of cannabis or other dry herbs using solvents like butane or carbon dioxide.

The result? You’d get these sticky waxes or concentrate oils. What you get dabbing are the exact substances that keep you in the zone for longer.

Maybe you’re wondering, what other pros and cons dab rigs have? Let’s see them.

General Pros & Cons of Dab Rigs


  • Convenience – If you don’t get a dab rig, it’s difficult enjoying those dabs. The dab rig takes charge of all the processes, yeah, the diffusion, percolation, filtration, you name it.
  • Safety – You need to take it easy. You’re dealing with heat here, and fire too. You don’t want to get hurt, and dab rigs keep you safe.
  • Style – There are many beautiful rig designs out there. You can place these boys in your room to show off to your friends. Trust me, it’s the perfect artwork.



  • Accidents – While the dab rig does a good job at keeping you from all that heat, it can’t do anything about your external heat source. Yeah, your lighter. It’s not common but it could start a fire.
  • Price – Though you can get cheap dab rigs online, they’re relatively more expensive than your homemade bongs.

The 11 Best Cheap Dab Rigs under $100

I said something about needing dab rigs to inhale your doses. And I have the very best for cheap. Check them out!

Limited Edition Vapor Bubbler with Slitted Inline Diffuser

cheap dab rigsThis 2mm thick glass was manufactured by Grace Glass and there’s just one word that sums it up, class! It comes with a glass concentrate nail and colored handles.

Trust me, if you’re looking to admiring a little work of art while taking a good hit, you can’t ignore this piece. That’s because the vapor bubbler is colorfully decorated on the bowl, foot rim, and the mouthpiece.

Shipping at 6.3 inches in height with very simplified return systems in place, it’s a rig you’d want to try out.

Special Features

  • Top Rated Borosilicate Glass

You don’t want to get glass that heats up your hands while dabbing. I mean it’s uncomfortable and creates distractions. You don’t want that. The glass on this piece is completely heat resistant and keeps your hands cool.

  • Slitted Inline Diffuser

This is what’s behind the mechanism of your smoke spreading into the water chamber, where all the filtration takes place. It’s quite a key feature that ensures you get a clean hit every time. You don’t want dirt in your concentrate, it ruins the experience.



  • Simple Handles – You may want to get the dome off after some time. And the handles make that so easy. They aren’t rough or tightly placed in any way.
  • Colored Vapor Bubbler – You can choose from four different colors and you’d be amazed at the greatness of this artwork while taking a hit.
  • Easy Returns System – If you feel this isn’t the right piece for you, the company makes it so easy to get it returned. And there are usually no questions asked.



  • Depending on the kind of stoner you are, you may find the glass a little too thin.


Glass Concentrate Oil Recycler Bubbler with Diffused Downstem

Cheap Dab RigsThat’s a glass oil rig from Black Leaf, this time coming with a female 14.5mm glass vapor dome with a glass nail included.

It comes with a slightly bent and bulgy mouthpiece. You may think this is an overkill but trust me, with all the stages involved before you get that powerful hit, it’s totally worth it.

It ships at 6 inches in height and is definitely a recycler oil rig worth looking at.

Special Features

  • Pyramid Shaped Bubbler

This is what you want for your dabs. It doesn’t interfere with the concentrates and does the only job that’s needed, quickening the dabbing process.

  • Diffuser

You need a clean hit? Then you need this. It’s inbuilt and it sports three holes that gets your smoke filtered.

  • Recycler

It completes the filtering started by the diffuser. And it doesn’t stop there. This oil rig keeps the water cooler by recycling it through the chambers. And it does this continuously. Believe me, this is the kind of system you need when you’re concerned about the purity of your doses.



  • Remember it’s a bit bent? Yeah, that’s what makes it stable. You don’t want your rig falling all the time. And you can use this black leaf piece in a lot of positions. So you’d stay flexible.
  • It has a very comprehensive filtration system.



  • The glass nail can only be heated on the top, so you don’t really have options for that.This rig has so many amazing features so for the price you’re getting this, it’s a steal.


Honeycomb Perc to Tree Perc Water Pipe

Cheap Dab RigsDo you need invention? You have it. This is a scientific glass water pipe that comes with a honeycomb percolator and an 8-arm tree percolator. That’s the kind of combination you need if you’re looking for a smooth hit.

There’s an ice catcher that keeps your smoke cool, so tweak as much as you want.

And there’s also an 18mm male joint. There’s just no harm in checking this piece out.

Special Features

  • Straight Tube

Call it vertical if you like. But that’s what’s on this dab rig. From the base right up to the mouthpiece. Everything’s straight.

  • Clear Glass

Do you want to see how the whole process works? It’s possible with this water pipe. All the stages are visible because of the clear glass in use.

  • Dewar’s Joint

This is actually a small glass tube that keeps the joint and the chamber connected. It’s just there to strengthen the joint and support the glass pipe.

  • Ice Catcher

That’s a little hole in the neck of the water pipe where you can put ice cubes that make your smoke cooler. You need this to get a powerful hit.

  • Flared Mouthpiece

This comes with a tight seal and it’s designed to sit properly in your mouth.

  • Thick Glass

This water is made to last for a long time. That’s why the glass is thickened. You wouldn’t want something that breaks after a week’s use.

  • Honeycomb and Tree Perc

This is where all the filtration and percolation takes place. The system’s designed to constantly give you a potent dose.



  • The straight glass in place makes the pipe easy to clean.
  • The clear borosilicate glass is simply designed and heat resistant.
  • There are different joints that provide support for the pipe, making it stable.



  • The design creates a lot of stages for the concentrates to go through, so your journey to that smooth hit could take a little time.

This rig has tons of inbuilt features. Every stoner’s dream.


Nano Inline Perc Oil Rig

Cheap Dab RigsShipping at 5 inches tall, if you’ve been looking for mini dab rig under 50 dollars and that fits your travel bag, this is your baby.

Not only you can get this cool dab rig for cheap. It’s portable as well!

Here are a few features you can expect from this wax rig (as some stoner’s call it).

Special Features

  • Can Chamber

Yeah, a cylindrically shaped chamber.

  • Bent Neck

You’d see this curve that keeps the water in the rig. It also makes it easier for you to hold.

  • Clear Glass

There’s also a clean glass so you can watch how your smoke percolates.

  • Colored Glass

And if you like a vibrant atmosphere, you’d love this one. The colored glass makes you appreciate the artistic design.

  • A 90° Joint and a Male Joint

They’re all for the connections. It keeps your rig stable and provides it with the needed support.

  • Borosilicate Glass

The scientific glass in this pipe makes handling comfortable. It doesn’t heat up in any way. And here are more benefits of getting this cheap dab rig.


  • The bent neck prevents water from splashing.
  • The flared mouthpiece fits perfectly into your mouth.
  • The multi-slit perc keeps your smoke filtered.



  • It’s quite difficult to clean. And you shouldn’t apply any force, except you want to get it broken.


Cross to Honeycomb Perc Animal Dab Rig

Cheap Dab RigsYou need to check out this 10-inch Dankstop piece. Apart from enjoying the sight of your smoke, you’re also allowed to choose an animal that sits inside. No, not the dull ones. The animals are beautiful to look at, you can trust Dankstop not to go wrong on colors.

The glass used for the bongs are clear with a little coloring around the base and mouthpiece. And those bongs ship with a 14mm male joint that’s supported by a firm Dewar’s joint.

There’s also a 14mm female angle cut dome.

And remember those beautiful animals? You can take your pick from an eagle, a turtle, a frog and a fish.

Special Features

  • Angle Cut Dome

You may see more of the regular circle dome around but there’s really nothing interesting about that design again because it’s everywhere. This bong comes with an angled top so you can blow away with something different.

  • Bent Neck

This is a feature for all you lovers of aesthetics. Not just that though, it also keeps your water safe in the pipe and makes the rig comfortable in your hands.

  • Clear Glass

You should watch how your smoke gets formed. Trust me, it’s a wonderful experience. You need a clear glass for that and this piece delivers.



  • The colored glass at the base and mouthpiece ends would leave you and even friends who don’t dab spellbound.
  • The mouthpiece is flared so you can have this piece sitting comfortably in your mouth.
  • The Honeycomb and Cross Perc perfectly handle all your diffusion and filtration needs so you get a smooth hit every time. Believe me, if you’ve tasted both worlds, then you’d know inhaling chaff is a waste of time.



  • The bent neck makes the glass a bit difficult to clean. You’d eventually get it done but don’t be surprised if it takes more time than expected.


Sandblasted Stemline Perc Rig with Sidecar Mouthpiece

Cheap Dab RigsIf you love artistry (and who doesn’t?), this pipe is for you. You’d admire the hexagon pattern from the sidecar mouthpiece to the base.

It’s sandblasted, what does that even mean? Well, that’s what’s responsible for the cleaned and patterned surface.

This rig sports a 10mm male joint and hey, no honeycomb this time, you get a stemline perc.

Special Features

  • Clear Glass

If you’ve been dabbing for some time, then you’d know that the best thing you can do is getting a dab rig that puts you in control. You want to know when things are getting dirty down that bong so you’d get the water changed. That’s why you need a clear glass. It shows you everything and this sandblasted piece delivers.

  • Scientific Glass

Yeah, you’re looking at a complete borosilicate glass right there. There’s something about using these scientific glasses. It doesn’t heat up when you’re using it, and it’s high-grade quality makes it entirely corrosion resistant.

  • Bent Neck

You don’t want a rig that slips out of your hands. A bent neck keeps it sitting still right there. And it also keeps the mouthpiece away from all that heat. I mean you want to get a smooth hit, you shouldn’t get your lips burnt while doing that.


  • The flared mouthpiece on this pipe comes combined with an airtight seal so that the glass that gets into your mouth has a design that keeps it in there. And you don’t want anything that’d ruin your flavor, so the seal gets the job done.
  • The sidecar design acts as a splash guard and keeps the water in the pipe.
  • There’s an inline percolator that has many slits to get your filtration done. Yeah, that’s why it’s called a stemline perc.



  • The glass may be too thin for your liking. You should watch out so it doesn’t break under pressure cause it’s really fragile.


Weed Star Cistern Double Showerhead Perc Layback Glass Vapor Bong

Cheap Dab RigsWeed Star has given all dabbers a pipe to cherish.

This top rated bong comes in a stemless design with an 18.8mm male joint, an 18.8mm female vapor bowl and hey, there’s a glass concentrate nail included in the pack.

There’s no carb hole though but let’s have a look at some other special features.

Special Features

  • Two Nested Percolators

There’s a lot of diffusion going on within this bong so you’d get that clean hit you’ve longed for. That’s why this pipe is fitted with two of these effective workmen.

  • Flared Mouthpiece

Weed Star made this to fit your mouth. Some other bongs may slip or require a lot of pressure to keep them in there but you don’t go through all that with this piece.



  • The rig’s joints provide support for the body. There’s no surprise why this piece is so stable.
  • You get to see a lot. There’s a clear glass with an 18.8mm female vapor dome so you’d catch those bubble movements.
  • The red colored edges around the mouthpiece don’t mix with your flavor, they just give you a more beautiful view.


  • There are no carb holes so you wouldn’t get the best filtration with this dab rig and yeah, you may waste some smoke.


Oil Recycler Bubbler with Diffuser Downstem

Cheap Dab RigsThis piece is from Blaze Glass, one of the top dogs in the business and it ships at 5.1 inches in length.

With the specs on this pipe, it’s what you want when dabbing.

There’s also a 10mm female glass vapor dome included.

Let’s check out those special features of this micro oil rig.

Special Features

  • Diffuser

Here’s something you need to know about dab rigs. To get a smooth hit, you need more little bubbles. Some bongs give you only large bubbles and these guys don’t make you satisfied. That’s why you need diffusers. They keep the bubbles small, lowering the drag in a bong.

  • Recycler

If water is working for too long, it gets hot. And no dab rig wants hot water. That’s why this one comes with a recycler. Its job is to keep the water cooler without losing its flavor.



  • The smoke is filtered in both the diffuser and the recycler, so you wouldn’t have problems getting pure concentrates every time.
  • There’s a bent mouthpiece. Do you have any ideas? Well, this means you can use this in different positions, so you relax while dabbing.
  • There are a lot of chambers in this pipe. Call them reaction chambers if you like. Guess what, there’s a clear glass that lets you watch all that action.



  • You can’t heat the glass nail from any other place except the top because the glass can expand from heat.


Mini Tornado Cyclone Vapor Rig

Cheap Dab RigsWhat’s a tornado? A strong wind, right? There’ll be no destructive winds with this dab rig, it would  only create that storm in your mind.

It ships at 9 inches tall and hey, there’s a lot of spinning action for you.

Trust me, the smoke still spins as you’re taking in that smooth hit.

Special Features

  • Clear Glass

There are a few experiences that beat having those dabs hit your lungs while watching as everything happens. This is every stoner’s HDTV. That’s why you need a clear glass to expose it all.

  • Dewar’s Joint

You don’t need a glass pipe that isn’t stable. You’d be buying a new rig every week if you get one of those. The Dewar’s Joint provides that support you need for your pipe.



  • You shouldn’t get bruises around your mouth when using your rig. That’s why this pipe comes with a flared mouthpiece that makes it so comfortable when this piece is in your mouth.
  • It comes with joints that provide support for both males and females.
  • It has a straight neck and this makes it easy to clean.



  • The straight neck comes with some issues also. It doesn’t do much of a good job keeping the water in the pipe. So don’t be surprised if you get water in your mouth while dabbing.


Errl Can 14mm

This is something from the guys at 420 science.

They’ve been dabbing for some time so they knew the kind of problems others faced and went into the factory to make this rig for dabs that was just a napkin sketch before now.

This piece ships at 8 inches long with a 3.5-inch base diameter. It also comes with a 14mm hollow stem titanium nail.

Special Features

  • Bent Neck

Percolation takes place at the base of a rig. You don’t want anything that makes it easy for the water to come up through the mouthpiece. And the bent neck on this pipe plays that guard role perfectly.

  • Four Variants

You can choose from the white, green, blue and black accents available for this piece.


  • It has a very simple design and can be used with those dab hits and even dry herbs too.
  • The percolation process is so designed so your flavors don’t get ruined.


  • If you don’t like the thick glass, you may have a few problems with this rig.


Errl Can 10mm

You had the Errl can 14mm. Well here’s the 10mm variant. It’s not too different from the other oil rig so check out some features.

Special Features

  • There’s a matching hollow stem titanium nail.
  • That bent neck that you’d love is also in this piece



  • It keeps your flavors consistent while you’re taking in those dabs.
  • The design makes sure you don’t drink the water



  • It’s a bit difficult to clean and you wouldn’t be able to take larger hits with this piece. 


Wrap Up

All stoners have different reasons for dabbing. But they all agree on one thing, they want to get the smooth hit that comes from the very active concentrates in a dab.

It’s 2017 and there are more advanced ways of extracting those powerful dab hits. So how should you take it in?

You need dab rigs. There are cheap dab rigs around that get the job done. In this post alone, you’d get eleven dab rigs under $100.

Check out all of them and note the features you’d want in a dab rig. Then go get one of them. Hey, maybe even two.

With these dab rigs, you wouldn’t be told, you’d get the experience!

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